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Win $100 and An Autographed Book by Fixing Our LinkedIn Sharing Problem

Have you ever noticed that our LinkedIn social sharing button needs fixing? Take a look to the left and you’ll see our social sharing toolbar. The problem is that if you click the LinkedIn icon, instead of sharing the URL of this post (the way it’s supposed to), it shares the URL of our 404 Error page.

The problem has been driving us crazy for months. We’ve tried everything we can to fix it, but so far, we’re stumped.

That’s Where You Come in. Can you help us solve our LinkedIn problem? I’m offering a $100 gift certificate and an autographed copy of my latest book, Go Mobile, to the first member of the 60 Second Marketer community who can help us solve the broken LinkedIn sharing button issue.

The plugin we’re currently using is AA’s Digg Digg Alternative, but it is a problem that occurs with all of the social sharing toolbars we’ve tried to use.

Screenshot of the plugin code on WordPress Editor

Here are the rules — Just click here to submit your suggestion on how to fix our LinkedIn problem. The more detailed, the better! We will be trying out all valid submissions until one works. The first person to enter a solution that works will win the $100 gift certificate and the autographed copy of Go Mobile. In the unlikely event that a tie occurs (i.e. we split two suggestions in order to fix the problem), we will provide $50 and an autographed book to each individual.

Okay, ready to offer your suggestion? Great, just click here and send it to us. (Please note: All suggestions are confidential and we will only be using email addresses to notify the winner. We won’t be using the requested email addresses for any other purpose.)

Thanks for your help on this. We’re grateful for all your support and want to thank you for being part of our global community. And don’t forget to submit your entry by clicking here!

Jamie Turner is the CEO of social media and mobile marketing firm 60 Second Communications and is the Founder of the 60 Second Marketer. He is the co-author of “How to Make Money with Social Media” and “Go Mobile” and is a popular marketing speaker at events, trade shows and corporations around the globe.


  • jschklar

    Hi Jamie,
    Any chance we can see the settings for the sharing toolbar as a screenshot? That would help.

    • Sorah H

      Hi jschklar,

      I’ve inserted a picture of the code in WordPress Editor of the LinkedIn portion of the social sharing plugin.

      Let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help you guys out!

  • There’s no LinkedIn share button in the mobile view. What’s the name of the social plugin you’re using in the computer view?

    • Sorah H

      We’re currently using AA’s Digg Digg Alternative

  • Larry Goldman


    I hate when this type of stuff happens. I looked at the source code on the page, and it appears that whatever social tool you use for your add-in is not putting in the http: as part of the LinkedIn reference:

    where is should be http://platform.linkedin.com/in.js.

    I’m not a programmer, so this isn’t as detailed as you’d like I’m sure, but I would check the code for your tool and see if it’s missing that portion for the command for LI. Could be as simple as that. Someone just forgot to put in the beginning of the URL. I could not find the reference on your page, but if you (or whomever designed it) can get to the original code for your social tool, it should be an easy fix.

    In other words, open that tool, search for the LinkedIn code and see what the programming says for the line that formats the LI Javascript (js) reference. Compare it with the code for Pinterest below it, which looks fine and shows the correct page reference.

    Maybe helpful. Good luck! Larry

    • Sorah H

      Thanks Larry!

      We received a similar submission, so we hoped it could be solved as easily as you say. Unfortunately, it hasn’t worked and we’re still looking.

  • Danette

    Looks like I’m too late, because it’s working fine now. 🙂

    • Sorah H

      Hi Danette,

      It isn’t working on our side as we’re still seeing a 404 re-direct. Please feel free to send in advice!

      • Danette

        when I click on your LinkedIn button I am taken to this page:

        I don’t get the 404 re-direct. Danette

        • Hi Danette
          I think the linkedin button you are clicking on is the “Are we connected?” in the top right. It links to the correct url, Jamie’s linkedin page. The share links to your left is the location of the linkedin “share” button that Jamie is referring to. It’s function is to share this post on a persons linked in profile similar to how facebook works when you share something on your timeline.

          • That’s correct. Thanks for clarifying, Jules!

  • I have a fix. A good fix. Use another plugin. done. 🙂

    • Hi, Phyllis —

      LOL. Ahhhhh, if only it were that easy. We’ve tried just about every other plugin available and they all come up with the same issue.

      Thanks for all your suggestions and comments, though. It’s good to know we’ve got you on our team!


  • Randy Barnes

    I assume this is what youre talking about.. I can’t tell but have forwarded it to a web dev instructor at the local college for a look – my next move would be in the control panel of your plugin to remove it and re-add the link verifying the text doesnt have any funky characters in it

    • Sorah H

      Thanks Randy! That’s exactly the problem we’re looking to fix.

      We’ve tried out your suggestion, and unfortunately it doesn’t work. Please let us know what the folks over at the local college suggest!

  • I don’t have a solution for you, but I can assist in pinpointing the issue. Your metadata is included correctly, and is not the location of the problem. The problem is not the plugin either, it’s linkedin’s own button code.

    You can read others frustrating accounts of trying to resolve this and get Linkedin’s attention to this matter @ https://developer.linkedin.com/forum/share-button-not-reading-open-graph-metatags The original post was started in Jan 2012!

    On my website I’ve included two share button types. At the top of posts I’ve created buttons out of my own images. Within that button link I’ve added instructions(code) to tell it exactly what link and text to share. At the bottom of the post I’ve used Linkedin’s code for the buttons. These are hand coded in, not a plugin. see http://developer.linkedin.com/share-plugin to understand what I mean. My top share button works fine, the linkedin version does not.

    I suspect that the crux of the issue is within linkedin’s javascript file, but if they haven’t resolved the issue in more than a year I don’t think it’s worth my time to try and comb through their code and solve their problem. Honestly I doubt I’d be able to figure it out anyways, javascript is not my strongest language skill.

    My best to you Jamie, and keep the great content coming!

    • Sorah H

      Hi Jules,

      We’ve tried to get in touch with the developers over at LinkedIn with little luck, so we definitely share those frustrations with other LinkedIn users!

      Thank you so much for looking into it; the feedback we’ve gotten from others has helped tremendously in narrowing down the problem.

      Hopefully, we can get this issue fixed soon!

  • A special thanks goes out to all the members of our community who have pitched in to help us resolve this problem. We’re honored to have you guys make suggestions and are blessed to have you as part of our community.

    We’ll keep you posted as we execute all the suggestions you’ve made on how to fix the issue. Stay tuned!


  • Michelle

    It’s not the app code and it’s not sharing the 404 error page, it just can’t find the page. The unaltered url of http://www.linkedin.com/cws/share?url=http://60secondmarketer.com/blog/2013/07/07/win-100-and-an-autographed-book-by-fixing-our-linkedin-sharing-problem/ doesn’t work…even without the extra gobbly-guk.

    For example

    *This works – http://www.linkedin.com/cws/share? rl=http://60secondmarketer.com/

    *This does not work – http://www.linkedin.com/cws/share? rl=http://60secondmarketer.com/blog……which means that anything after the …com/ is broken.

    • Sorah H

      Thanks Michelle!

      Someone pointed that out to us earlier, and we’re currently looking into it.

  • G. Thomas

    Jamie, I suggest that the observed behavior is due to a bug in the LinkedIn code at http://www.linkedin.com/cws/share. If so, only the LinkedIn people can actually fix it. However a workaround for you is to use the LinkedIn sharing plugin in which you specify the URL to be shared for each blog post. You appear to be using the plugin version that automatically detects the URL of the current page, which is where the error occurs.

    • Excellent suggestion, G. Thomas. One of our team members named Sorah Hyong is working the issue. I’ll be sure to alert her to your suggestion.


    • Sorah H

      Hi G. Thomas,

      Thanks for letting us know! We’re hoping to avoid having to input individual URLs for each post at the moment and are hoping to find a solution before a workaround, but if all else fails, we will definitely look into this further and contact you. I also saw your submission on the Google doc. Thank you for going more in depth on your suggestion!