Adding an Image to a Social Post Increases Engagement 200% [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Have you reached the landmark of 1000 Likes or 1000 Twitter followers? If you have, then you might have noticed an impact on your search engine rankings. If not, then you might want to incorporate some of the techniques mentioned by our friends at Quick Sprout in the following infographic.

Here are the key points they make:

  • Google and Bing have started to take into account social signals to determine a website’s ranking
  • Google and Bing look at Tweets, Tweeter’s authority, Facebook shares and likes, and Google+’s
  • According to, the social signals even make a difference for low-competition keywords and pages with duplicate content
  • According to, Tweets from power users may influence short-term rankings for certain keywords
  • Examples of Social Signals increasing the rankings: 1) 100 Google+ Followers = 14.63%, 2) 300 Google +1 votes = 9.44% 3) 70 Facebook shares & 50 likes = 6.9%, 4) 50 tweets = 2.88%
  • Best time to get more social shares includes posting on Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday at 9AM, 12PM, 3PM, or 6PM.
  • Adding an image to your social positing is likely to increase engagement by 200%
  • Social users are 21% more likely to engage with a question
  • Asking your social followers for a vote will increase the likelihood of them liking your URL by 400%.
  • Throwing a contents for social users is likely to help your social engagement by 39%
  • How to and list posts tend to get 47% more social shares

Ready for more? Great. Enjoy! Here’s the full infographic:

Image- Infographic- How Social Signals Impact Rankings

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  • Ferg Devins

    ….well done…certainly shows how appropriate the nam “social” is…cheers

  • Jamie Turner

    Hi Ferg. Glad you like it. Question — are you based in the U.K.? Just curious. I was born in London.