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Get a 30% Higher Click-Through-Rate by Defining Your Content Marketing Processes [INFOGRAPHIC]

Is content marketing more of an art or a science?Well, at the 60 Second Marketer, we believe in the science of marketing. That means we believe in using tangible data and metrics to drive campaign strategies and optimization. But that doesn't mean that we ignore the more artistic side of marketing, especially something as long-form as content marketing. This infographic from Kapost highlights both the artistic and scientific aspects of a successful content marketing campaign. By looking at this data, it could help you course correct or build the right team. Here are some of the highlights:
  • 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual.
  • Companies with defined content processes see a 30% higher click-through-rate on average.
  • The artistic and scientific mindsets to content marketing are different, but they complement each other. Consider having at least 1 person of each disposition on your team as a decision-maker.
  • Become better at utilizing both perspectives by knowing your strengths, practicing the other mindset, keeping open lines of communication, and implementing the right tools.
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Top Tools to Elevate Your Content Marketing Strategy

Do you find yourself overwhelmed by the complexity of content marketing? You have to curate AND create content, find contributors, strategize a posting calendar, actually ACCOMPLISH that strategy, and then share all of the content to boot. It's enough to make anyone's head spin.But a marketer can always benefit from some really great tools, and the GSMI Network has certainly done the job reporting on the best content marketing tools in this infographic.This list is not exhaustive; there are many great tools not listed here (like Hubspot). And it's also not meant to be a checklist. No one should be using all 25 of these, and you may not even need one for each category, especially since some of the more robust tools have some crossover. But it is a good information-gathering piece to help you learn more. Check it out here: 

Is Your Content Marketing More Like Star Wars or Star Trek? [INFOGRAPHIC & QUIZ]

Now this is some cool stuff.The folks over at kapost have taken two beloved franchises — Star Trek and Star Wars — and created some seriously excellent analogies to content marketing. There's a quiz you can take to find out which is more like your marketing strategy [CLICK HERE], and then you can take a gander at the infographic below to see what exactly your result means.Here are some interesting ideas from the infographic:
  • Star Wars tackles big themes, while Star Trek looks instead at nuanced and complex issues. Is your blog full of detailed how-tos and thorough analyses, or do you focus on industry overviews and application of basic principles.
  • Some blogs focus on exploratory topics (emerging tech, new platforms, etc.) while others focus on best practices and excellence in the current space. Neither is better than the other, and they're both necessary to the world of marketing.
  • Even the design of your blog and your visuals has a category!
Don't forget to take the quiz, and then check out the full infographic here:About the Author: Samantha Gale is a social media and content marketing specialist working for 60 Second Communications, a full-service marketing agency working with brands around the globe.