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June 10th, 2014

Social Media Advice From Those Actually Doing Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 2.07.04 PM

Ever wish you could get social media advice from someone in the trenches for big brands every day? Well, now you can.

This infographic from Referral Candy is full of wisdom from some of the top experts in social media. With advice from social media managers of some of the world’s top brands, it offers an insightful look into the world of social marketing. Some of our favorite quotes are:

  • “Having a Twitter account today is like having a Web page 10 years ago.” -Lauren Teague
  • “Think strategically and act with purpose. Think, ‘What does this do for my business?’” -Katie Morse
  • “You can’t be all things to all people, but you can have a real impact where it matters if you stay true to your brand.” -Paul Haskell

Check out the full infographic below:


About the Author: Samantha Gale is a social media and content marketing specialist working for 60 Second Communications, a full-service marketing agency working with brands around the globe.

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June 9th, 2014

How to Boost Social Interaction Via Paid Media on a Shoestring Budget


Lately, organic reach on Facebook (and other sites as well) has become harder and harder to maintain. It’s becoming clear that you need a paid strategy in order to succeed in the social media space these days. So what if you could achieve outstanding daily social results for the same price as a $5.00 footlong from Subway (or less)?

It is time to start setting aside a small budget to garner more social engagement. Luckily, if you follow 4 simple steps, you’ll be able to achieve great social interaction for just a few dollars per day!

#1 – Boost Your Facebook Posts

Adding just $5.00 in promotion to all of your Facebook posts will drastically increase your interaction. A simple $20.00 boost resulted in 178 people either liking, commenting or sharing a post from a company with 50,000+ fans (as seen below). This is well above the typical amount of interaction in which they receive.


Keep in mind, the more compelling the post that you’ll be boosting, the more engagement it will receive. A simple $5.00 post for a company Facebook page with fewer than 10,000 “Likes” will work wonders.

Invest $5.00 per week ($2.50 each) on your two most captivating Facebook posts. This will cost you $20.00 for the month, and you will see a nice boost in your Facebook interaction for the month.

#2 – Advertise YouTube Videos

One of the easiest (and most affordable) ways to receive exposure on social media is to promote a preexisting YouTube video. If you advertise your video for just $1.00 per day for a two-week time span, you’ll be able to obtain close to 1,000 views (especially if you optimize the video properly and the content is captivating!)


With a $12.00 YouTube budget (which you can easily set-up within Google Adwords) I was able to generate 4,281 views for a video about running a social media contest. Did all of the views come from the advertisement? No, and that’s the great thing. The truth is though that giving the video that initial “push” helped the video gain organic traction in addition to the advertisement views.

#3 – Promoted Tweets

We’ve all seen the promoted tweets in our stream. In 2014, it is finally easy for all Twitter users to start reaping the benefits of their advertising platform. Since Twitter became a publicly traded company, the micro blogging website is clearly trying to generate more profit for their bottom line.

If you are running a Twitter account, pick a compelling tweet where you are asking a question that requires a response (or even requests a RT). You’ll want to set-up a sponsored Tweet that targets your core demographic, and promote this tweet for $4. There;s no guarantee that the tweet will go viral, but it will be one of your top performing tweets for the month. And it will only cost you $4.00 to run!


After you seen the results with putting some money behind tweets, it will open your mind to additional opportunities for generating great interaction on Twitter, like lead gen cards.

#4 – Find an Influential Instagram Follower

Find a powerful user on Instagram in a related field that generates a lot of interaction. Reach out to this person and offer them a $5 Starbucks gift card. All they will need to do for you is take a picture that relates to your brand. Make sure they mention you in three separate posts per month. You’d be surprised how approachable some of the top-notch Instagram users will be. Not to mention, people love their coffee!


The result? Users will find your Instagram account trendy and you will start to pick up more followers while also reaching out to a new audience (followers of the influential user). This method may be less tangibly beneficial, and there are sponsored posts on Instagram if you want to stick to the platform. But Influencer marketing has been the most effective outreach method on Instagram for a lot of brands.

There you have it. Follow the steps above, and you will receive great social interaction for just a few dollars per day. Unfortuantely, the current trend of social media is that, if you don’t shell out some cash, your content is going to get buried. But if you are creative with your social media posts and allocate just a few bucks to boost your campaigns, your content should catapult past the competition.


Jason Parks is the Owner of The Media Captain, a Columbus SEO Company and Columbus Digital Marketing Company. TMC is your one stop shop for everything digital. It’s an Ohio Online Marketing Company with one simple goal: to build and drive traffic to your website.

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June 3rd, 2014

13 Ideas to Spur Social Growth This Summer

positive business chart or stock quotation on white

June is here, and you know what that means — summertime!! (Yes, the two exclamation points were absolutely necessary.) Summer can be a slow time for business but an absolutely awesome time for your social life. So why not carry that good fortune over to your social media growth?

Summer is a prime time to grow your company’s social media following. Below, you’ll find 4 things you can do to accomplish this, as well as specific ideas for implementation of each:

1. Focus on increasing engagement with your current fan base on Facebook.

As you probably have noticed by now, organic reach on Facebook is plummeting. This is due to Facebook’s EdgeRank, which determines what content is worth pushing to the top of a user’s News Feed. Now that Facebook has to turn as big a profit as possible, they’re reserving those coveted spots at the top for the brands who are willing to pay.


So what do you do when you don’t have a giant advertising budget? Well, you can’t grow your audience until your current audience starts engaging with your content, so that’s a good place to start. Here are 3 tips for boosting the level of engagement you see with your current audience:

  • Use lots of visuals and videos. Videos, by far, see the greatest level of engagement, and photos are certainly second. The more visual you can make your updates, the better they will perform.
  • Respond to messages and comments quickly. When your users comment or message, they are likely expecting a response. Have someone standing at the ready to address anything that comes up. For example, if you post a picture that has a dog in it and a user comments saying, “that looks just like my dog,” then start a conversation about your dogs. Any engagement is appreciated and reflects well in your rankings.
  • Feature user-generated content. Ask people to submit pictures using your product or service, or in a particular situation, and then feature those photos on your Facebook. People love to see themselves featured, and they’ll be more likely to engage with the content, present and future, that they aren’t featured in.

2. Come up with an interactive summer giveaway.

Speaking of user-generated content, summertime is the perfect time to hold a big contest where users have to submit entries. Once you have a prize, it’s as easy as asking for entries. Here are 4 ideas for promotions that would be fairly easy to conduct:

  • Have users submit photos of their summer travels, and then put them in a Facebook album and let people vote for the winner by liking the photos. This causes people to share your content on their own timelines to get their friends to vote, expanding your audience.
  • Have users submit a YouTube video of their favorite summer song (created by the artist or label, not the user). Pin all approved entries onto Pinterest and let the repins choose the winner. (NOTE: Be sure to clearly outline up front any rules regarding explicit content in the songs and/or videos.)


  • Use this time to conduct a bit of primary research (like we talked about in one of our recent posts). Ask users a question on Twitter and announce the prize, then record all of the responses for use in your content later on. Choose a random winner from the responses.
  • Ask users to create a Vine of their favorite summer activities and use a hashtag specific to your promotion. Use the hashtag to track entries. (Again, you’ll want to create guidelines regarding explicit content.)

3. Focus on influencer outreach.

Summertime is huge for the digital world. Creativity is running high, and people have the time to explore it since they’re usually not as busy from a business standpoint. Because of that, potential influencers (bloggers, Instagram/Twitter users, etc. with large followings) are often interested in summer partnerships. If they think that your product, service, or brand fits well with their aesthetic, they may be willing to join up with you in some capacity.


Here are some ways that influencers can have a unique impact on your brand this summer:

  • Host an Insta-takeover! Have an influential Instagram user that fits closely with your brand post from your account for the week. You’ll want to draw up a contract with guidelines and topics, but this will likely get you some serious traction in terms of followers and likes, meaning a bigger audience for future content.
  • Have a “celebrity guest editor” on your blog. We recognize that the average brand doesn’t have easy access to a celebrity, but perhaps there’s an influencer in your field or industry that would be down with posing as a “guest editor” for the week.
  • Allow an influencer to create content that would be posted on your blog or social media accounts. The influencer then links to those accounts, which grows your audience.

4. Host a fun event in real life.

Of course, nothing drums up some serious excitement like a good party. These events can eat up budget pretty quickly, but they are also great for encouraging engagement with your brand. Have a free, open event for everyone who wants to come.


It could be a carnival, tailgate, or dinner party. Whatever it is, here are 5 tips for using an event to boost your social growth:

  • Always incorporate social media. Create a hashtag for the event, and encourage attendees to follow your accounts to see pictures taken by the photographer (which you should totally have) and in the photobooth (also a summer party must).
  • Reward social engagement. Users who use the hashtag can be entered into a raffle, or the first person to get pictures on Instagram from the party with 5 different people from your company (using your hashtag, of course) can get a prize. Find a way to reward social integration.
  • Take initiative by engaging them online first. Have someone from your company taking pictures and tagging people on Instagram, or get on Facebook and mention people as they do things at the party (with their permission, of course).

Whatever you choose to do, use this summer to grow your social presence. By using the ideas here, you’ll be well on your way.

About the Author: Samantha Gale is a social media and content marketing specialist working for 60 Second Communications, a full-service marketing agency working with brands around the globe.

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May 26th, 2014

3 Things You Need to Know About That Are Happening in Social Media RIGHT NOW

In the ever-changing world of social media, it’s hard to keep up with everything that’s going on. With tons of platforms offering multiple major updates a year, it’s difficult to learn how to optimize your campaigns for every new update.

That said, the 60 Second Marketer hopes to keep you in the loop and up to date, starting with new trends and features as they emerge. Here are 3 things that you need to know about RIGHT NOW in the top social media platforms:

Snapchat Has Added Video and Text Chatting

24321503_m The ever-elusive, ever-confusing Snapchat has added some killer new features. Now, in addition to sending disappearing pictures with text captions and digital doodles on top, users can send texts back and forth that, like their photo-predecessors, disappear after viewing. They can be found by swiping right over a user’s name as is usually done to view a history. This is where they are composed as well.

Another new feature that can be accessed from this same screen is the new video chat feature. Unfortunately, it’s not quite as convenient as Skype or Google Hangouts since users have to continuously press the call button to sustain the chat, and the users have to both be viewing the conversation screen at the same time. The capture button will change color, and that’s when video chat is enabled.

Twitter Institutes a Mute Function

TwitterMobile One new Twitter update that has brands in a tizzy is the new mute function. Instead of having to unfollow a brand, users can now select “Mute” to silence that account from their newsfeeds. It can be accessed from the “More” menu next to the “Favorite” option.

But why would a user want to follow a brand but not see its Tweets? One possible reason could be eligibility for promotions. Many brands state that, in order to be eligible for a prize, the entrant has to be following them on Twitter. The Mute function would allow for repeated access to these events without seeing the content.

Facebook Starts a Mobile Ad Network

This one is still a little bit fuzzy. Facebook has started a mobile ad network, meaning that developers will be able to sign up to have in-app ads sponsored by Facebook, who will of course get a cut of the profits, along with the developer. Things we’re still unsure about:

  • How the ads will be structured (though there are some who say there will be just 2 sizes available)
  • How the ads will be purchased (through Facebook’s current advert creator/power editor or through another venue)
  • What the pricing structure will be (Facebook currently runs mainly on a bid-per-click system, but most mobile display runs on a CPM basis)

By staying on top of current trends, you can make sure your brand is responding to the industry in a way that makes sense for your business and yet is still relevant to consumers. By implementing changes in response to these 3 updates, you can make sure you are still reaching your audience in the best way possible.

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May 13th, 2014

Shave 70% Off Your Social Media Management Time with This One Easy Tool

10258299_634948599916385_2147753318031469848_o If you’re like most people, you spend almost as much time looking at new tools as you do actually using the ones you’ve got. This is because there are so many different tools out there that do this one thing really well. But you wish deep down that you could find a tool that did everything well; something that could take the place of at least 80% of the tools you’re currently using. Well, look no further. Oktopost is an incredible social media management system. You can manage clients (for all you agency folks out there), track conversions, and plan entire campaigns in a matter of minutes. 60 Second Communications (the agency behind the 60 Second Marketer) has been using Oktopost for about a month and a half now, and we are thrilled with the time it’s saved us. In fact, we save about 70% of our social media management time; time that can now be spent developing great content for you. What would have taken us an hour to post across various channels and in different groups now takes us five minutes. We can plan out all of our social media content in advance, and we especially love tracking the success of our campaigns on the clean, easy-to-interpret dashboard. They market themselves as a B2B tool, but they’re certainly B2C and nonprofit friendly, too. Here are some of our favorite Oktopost tips and features:

1. Accounts are broken down into campaigns, and campaigns have message assets.

Slide2 Having different campaigns for the same account makes all the sense in the world. By breaking up the posting this way, you can track the success of a single campaign rather than, for example, your Facebook presence as a whole. This gives you a better lens through which you can determine success. In addition, campaigns have something called “message assets.” This allows for easily templated content so that you can reuse old or successful messages. Different message assets are created for different platforms due to differing post architecture.

2. Connect Oktopost to all of your social media accounts.

Slide4 One of my favorite features about Oktopost is how well it integrates with LinkedIn. Not many tools do LinkedIn well, but Oktopost pulls up personal profile, company page, and even groups, allowing you to select carefully what goes where and get your information to a wide variety of audiences. There are 2 types of profiles Oktopost does not currently support that we’d like to see in the future: Google+ personal page and Pinterest. As we’ll discuss in a minute, there is a plan perfect for individuals who want to really get a handle on their social media, but personal Google+ pages aren’t supported. That’s a shame. Same goes for Pinterest, though I recognize that Pinterest is a many-headed beast with an entirely unique infrastructure. Maybe these networks will appear in future updates, though.

3. Plan out your campaigns well in advance.

Slide6 As a majorly type-a person, I am obsessed with Oktopost’s calendar feature. Just look at how pretty it is! Everything is perfectly organized and color-coded, yet by hovering you can see all the nitty-gritty details you need. You can even toggle the posts from one day to another (though the time stays the same).

4. Relax in the beautiful user interface of the dashboard and features.

Slide3 Similar to the last point, I’m also a glutton for a good UI. Many great tools have a crappy UI, and I abandon those quickly. On the other hand, I often stay with overly simple or faulty tools because of a great UI. Luckily, Oktopost gives you the best of both worlds. The UI is absolutely beautiful, and it has the functionality to back it up. All of the graphs are useful and easy to read, and hover expansions keep things clean.

5. Robust reporting allows you to compare posts and conduct A/B split tests.

Slide5 In the reports tab of Oktopost, you can see breakdowns of likes, comments, clicks, and conversions based on different campaigns and message assets. This allows you to analyze what’s working and what’s not, giving you valuable insight with which to strategize for the future.

New features have us all excited!

screenshot-add-stream Coincidentally, today (Tuesday, May 13, 2014) is the day that Oktopost is rolling out several new features, and boy do we love them! Here’s a brief breakdown of the new features:

  • Social Listening, a.k.a. “Streams” — This one we’re especially excited about. Works with multiple platforms, too, not just Twitter!
  • Improved Social Inbox — we’re excited to see this in action, since the social inbox wasn’t anything to write home about before. It sounds like this new one will have more integrated functionality to it.
  • Recommended Content — Oktopost will generate content recommendations based on the kind of content the user usually posts and how well it performs. This could be interesting.
  • Updated UI — the UI was incredible before, and it looks like it’s going to be even better now. Oktopost definitely has it going on in the UI department.

So, other than all of that, a mobile app seems to be the only piece missing from an awesome puzzle. Slide1 As you can see, there are plans available for any level of service you may need, and all come with a free trial and an incredible demo. Click here to sign up for your free trial. You won’t be sorry.

About the Author: Samantha Gale is a social media and content marketing specialist working for 60 Second Communications, a full-service marketing agency working with brands around the globe.

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