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Five Factors That Determine Your Conversion Rate

In direct marketing, conversion is king. But too often we throw around the word, without truly understanding what a conversion actually is.A major misconception is that a conversion rate only has to do with sales, but the truth of the matter is a conversion is simply getting a consumer to do what you wanted them to do. If your goal is to up email signups, each form filled out is a conversion. If your goal is to increase sales driven from your landing page, a purchase is a conversion.So now that we’ve established what it is, how do you get a consumer to convert? Well, according to Marketing Experiments, the probability that a consumer will convert is a function of five factors:
  1. Motivation of the user
  2. Clarity of the value proposition
  3. Incentive to take action
  4. Friction elements of the process, and
  5. Anxiety about entering information
While the motivation of a user is somewhat out of our hands, our job as marketers is to increase the clarity of the value proposition and provide incentives to take action, while decreasing the friction elements and anxiety over entering information. How these objectives can be achieved is dependent on what type of campaign you’re running, but the basic principles are the same.Decrease Anxiety Over Entering Information: The easiest way to decrease users’ anxiety over providing information is to establish credibility. Third party endorsements and privacy guarantees help establish this credibility, but transparency in the process is also important. Letting consumers know exactly what they should expect after they provide their information, and sticking to those promises, is a good way to reduce their uneasiness about providing information.Decrease Friction Elements in the Process: Friction in the process is anything that may slow down or distract the user from doing what you want them to do. So don’t get in your own way, cut out any steps that are not 100% vital in the process. In a Marketing Experiments test, decreasing the number of pages on a form from 8 to 4 increased conversions by 68%, while still allowing the company to gather all of the necessary data. Getting rid of unnecessary ads, pop ups, and links will also decrease the friction and streamline the process for users.Increase the clarity of the value proposition: Very distinctly outline what the consumer stands to gain from clicking on your ad, filling out your form or making a purchase. Instead of framing your offer as what you and your company do, frame it as what problem you can solve for them.Provide Incentives: This is the basic tenant of marketing, and I’m sure you have more than a few tricks up your sleeve in this department. Providing discounts, exclusive sales, or even just more information can all be reasons that people are willing to give you their information or their money. Just be sure that your incentive is truly driving the behavior that you want, and you’ll be good to go!Interested in learning more about how to get consumers to convert? Then check out our post on 14 Most Powerful and Effective Words in Marketing. It's packed with great stuff.Posted by Nicole Hall, Account Manager with Mobilize Worldwide. Mobilize Worldwide develops mobile apps, mobile ad campaigns, mobile websites and just about anything else related to mobile marketing for brands interested in growing their sales and revenue using this new and emerging medium.

Top 10 Must Have Applications to Build Your Company’s Facebook Page

The Social media sphere is an area where businesses and marketers need to be, but many are unaware of how to move beyond the initial faze of creating a Facebook page. For those of you that have a page, but are not quite sure where to go, this blog is for you. Adding a Facebook application can not only move your page from ordinary to extraordinary, but also help increase traffic and interaction from your fans and followers.So where do you start? Below are the top 10 Facebook applications that can help take your Facebook page to the next level.1. WildfireThis is a great application for those interested in implementing a social media marketing campaign. Applicable for businesses, bloggers ad agencies and non-profit organizations, this application helps you design branded interactive promotions.If you’re interested in doing a contest, sweepstakes, product giveaways or giving out coupons this application can help.  This app gives you the ability to design your promotion with their customizable promotion builder. They also make it easy for you to publish your promotion to all of your social network platforms so all of your fans and followers are made aware of the campaign.Running a sweepstakes or contests is a great way to build brand awareness, increase followers and their engagement as well as drive traffic to your site.  After all, according to Jupiter Research, companies that run contests or sweepstakes have twice as many fans on their sponsored social network pages as those that don't.2. WizehiveThis application helps you build a web-based contest. They make it easy for you to create contest forms and surveys through their Facebook contest software. This app allows you to customize your forms and voting system, so if you want the public to decide the winner or have a randomized selection process, they can make it happen.If you’re interested in turning a profit, Wizehive allows you to charge a fee through their system to generate revenue for entries. This application may not be the most affordable, so check out their site to see if it’s right for you. They offer three different plans that range in price from $750 (silver plan) to $7,500+ (platinum plan).3. VotigoThis is a full-service photo and video contest application that allows you to do a lot with your Facebook fans and customers. Not only does it allow you to create customized promotions, but it also allows you to tap into the registration data so you can learn more about your contestants and build a more extensive customer database. This app focuses on user-generated content allowing for video and photo submissions, comments, voting and support for YouTube embedded content. Their services range in price, but start around $5,000.4. SocialFlyThis application acts as your personal secretary. It’s a great way for marketers to  keep in touch and keep up with their  businesses contacts. The application has a notes system that allows you to create and setup reminders as well as develop notes to help you organize your contacts. Their location feature allows you to identify where each of your contacts live or where you have to be at your next meeting.5. Telephone and VoicemailThese applications allow you to communicate with your fans and customers on a more personalized basis. You can talk, IM, leave a voice mail and voice chat all through Facebook. It’s a great option for those that want to interact more with their customers and allows those in business to communicate more efficiently.6. Networked BlogsThis is a great app for all you bloggers. It basically provides you with a community of bloggers allowing you to connect with others,  promote yourself and promote other blogs on your Facebook page. It’s an easy way to import your blog feed through your Facebook page, so all your fans and followers will be updated with your recent posts. The app also helps categorize the different blogs you read, making it easy to navigate through your favorites.7. Web Trends AnalyticsWant to learn more about your fans and the success of your campaigns? This is a great tool to do just that. This app pulls information from your Facebook page allowing you to track your social media efforts. You can track conversions, engagement, who you’re active followers are, what they’re doing on your page and the ability to earn more about their demographics. It’s pretty simple and very effective at pulling insights, allowing you to dig deeper into your Facebook audience.8. Buddy MediaBuddy Media calls themselves a power tool for your Facebook page. And they’re right. They have the ability to amp up your page and take it to the next level. Their platform helps you build your audience, increase engagement, drive fans to your site, launch pages, track feedback and make updates easily.9. Context OptionalThis is a pretty cool company that helps major companies design and manage their brand on social media platforms. Their sophisticated technologies provide businesses with analytics tools to track their social marketing campaigns and measure results. Their Social Marketing Suite is designed to help you create and publish applications and find solutions for your brand’s Facebook page. Context Optional has created effective branded pages, interactive branded applications and has helped businesses develop integrated social marketing campaigns.  You should check it out.10. VirtueVirtue is a web development company that can do a lot for your company. They specialize in web application development, web site promotions and developing software to run across your social media platforms. What can they do for your Facebook page? Step-by-step, they help you design a branded page, your own branded application as well as market your application through their SEO services. They focus on concept and strategy so you’re not just creating a page or app to create one. They give it purpose and the ability for you to track your results and find opportunities to advance your social presence.We may have missed a few cool Facebook Apps that you'd like us to mention. If so, let us know about your favorite Facebook App in the comments section below.Get Posts Like These Delivered to Your In Box Each Morning: If you like what you read today, you can have these blog posts delivered to your in box each morning by clicking marketing blog. 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Top 10 Tips on Using Twitter for Business

Twitter, launched in July of 2006, has emerged as one of the top social media platforms enabling users to connect with friends and companies and stay current with constant streams of information. With over 200 millions users generating 190 million tweets a day, Twitter has become a great resource for businesses to engage with consumers.So, what can you possibly say in 140 characters or less to help your business expand and increase traffic to your website? Well, Mashable and have identified a few tactics businesses should keep in mind while Tweeting.Here are the top 10 you should check out: 1. Hashtags: You should familarize yourself with this symbol (i.e., #) and make it your friend. Put this hashtag in front of a keyword or your company website and Twitter will convert these hashtagged words into searchable keywords. What does this mean for you? Anyone searching for something can find all tweets containing your hashtagged word in a single location, thus making it easier for them to find your tweets even if they’re not one of your followers. Search the database for hashtagged questions pertaining to your business or topics of your expertise and connect with these followers. You’ll find you not only do you have more readers, but possibly more customers as well.2. Engage with your followers: Simply sending out tweets and not responding to your followers will get you nowhere. It’s important to respond to those that tweet at you and answer any questions they might have. Each time you interact with your followers, make sure it’s a personalized message. No one wants to feel like they're receiving a mass tweet. If they feel your message is sincere and they like what you have to offer, the chances of them retweeting your information is even greater, thus ultimately exposing your business to more followers.3. Combine your platforms: Make it easier on yourself by synchronizing your Twitter account with all of your other social platforms. You can do so by associating your Twitter account with the RSS feed of your company website, Facebook page or blog. By doing so, every time you make an update it appears across all of your platforms, meaning you only have to make one update at a time. Sounds efficient, right?4. Update your profile: Although most of your followers are only reading your tweets and not your bio, it’s important to have a profile in place that’s up-to-date and professional. Think of it as an extension of your brand. Potential new followers and customers will be checking out your profile to see what you're about before hitting the golden “Follow” button.5. The power of a list: This Twitter feature has helped companies gain followers and spread their knowledge to a larger audience. A Twitter list is somewhat similar to a Facebook group. Basically a compilation of followers, grouped together for whatever reason you come up with. You can use these lists to your advantage by promoting and rewarding customers. How? Try creating a list comprised of all your valued customers and reward those on the list with a 20% off coupon or free gift with purchase. Lists can also help your business internally. By creating a list of all employees and those that tweet on your behalf, it’s an easy way to manage these tweeters and aggregate accounts. Once you’ve created your list make sure people know about it by adding it to a list directory such as Listorious.6. Keep track: It’s important to track your followers and identify whose really paying attention to your tweets. You can do so by tracking retweets, clicks, messages and hashtag mentions. This will give you the opportunity to engage with your loyal followers and maintain these relationships.7. Ask questions: Get feedback from your followers by asking the right questions. Find out what you’re doing right, what you need to work on and what they want more of. This shows not only that you’re listening, but can provide you with valuable insights about your followers and consumers.8. Tweet about others: You don’t always need to talk about yourself and your company. It’s important to integrate other's ideas and links into your tweets. Retweet what your followers have tweeted, share their links and let your followers know what you find interesting about a particular tweet. This lets your followers know that you're human and are interested in what they have to say as well. Not to mention it’s a great way to build and expand your community.9. Promoted tweets: This is a new feature of Twitter that enables businesses to speak to a larger audience, even those that don’t follow them. How does it work? First, send a tweet to your followers and then promote that tweet. The promoted tweet then appears as content in search results, so those looking for something pertaining to your tag will see it in the search engine. Twitter offers these promoted tweets on a cost-per-engagement basis, meaning you only pay when users retweet, reply or clicks on your tweet.10. Customer Service: Best Buy is a great example of how to use Twitter to provide real-time customer service. Create an account in which users can tweet questions about products or services to you directly and tag the answers with a hashtag back to your company website. This allows you to interact with your consumers and provide them with something of value. Best Buy is leading the ranks with over 2,900 employees on board to answer questions and have responded to over 38,000 inquiring tweets. You could be next.What are some of your favorite tips on using Twitter? Did we miss any you think we should add? If so, let us know in the comments section below. 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