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How Effective is Content Marketing? We Have the Answer.

There's been a lot of chatter recently about whether or not content marketing actually works. It's an important question because many companies are increasing their level of spending in content marketing. With all the money going in to this marketing vehicle, I figured it was worth taking a deep dive and doing some research on the subject.What follows are excerpts from a post I shared not too long ago. It's based on an in-depth white paper by my friend Dan McDade at PointClear. (I'd encourage you to download it by clicking here.) I think you'll like it because it sheds some light on an important subject.Continue Reading..

6 Tips for Marketers to Supercharge Sales Content (That Actually Gets Used)

Developing useful and effective sales content is still an uphill battle for most marketing teams. There’s immense pressure to provide compelling materials for the sales team to present to customers, but too often, marketers are working with blinders on.

Research from CSO Insights highlights every marketer’s worst nightmare – only 30 percent of sellers say they have the content they need for sales calls.

Despite best intentions, marketing teams rarely get the chance to join salespeople for customer calls and in-person meetings—to see or hear how they react to the materials and gauge how they perform “in the wild.” More often, content just gets tossed over the wall to sales, with only anecdotal feedback from sales reps to inform future iterations. The disconnect results in a lot of finger pointing, which puts the two teams at odds and can negative impact results.Continue Reading..

Does Content Marketing Work? Here’s the Answer You’ve Been Looking for.

Does content marketing work? I've been asking myself that question for quite some time and I bet you have, too.It's a valid question that deserves a well-researched answer. The problem is that there's a lot of hype about content marketing. As a result, people are confused about whether it actually generates the results proponents say it does.Continue Reading..