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3 Little Known Online Marketing Secrets to Help Grow Your Business in 2017

It’s finally 2017. You’ve spent the past few months pouring over your company’s analytics and 2016 reporting data. You’ve read every article possible on upcoming online marketing trends to implement in the new year. You and your team have a strong online marketing plan developed, and now it is time for implementation.Continue Reading..

How to Use Live Chat to Convert More Prospects to Customers

Great customer support has one goal -- to make it easy for customers to get their problem solved painlessly and quickly.Out of all of the customer service methods available (email, phone or live chat), live chat is by far the simplest, fastest and least obtrusive. It’s no surprise that almost one third of all consumers are now expecting live chat to be available on any business website.Continue Reading..

Why and How to Use Animation in Your Marketing Campaign

When we think of animation and cartoons, the first thing that pops into our mind is Tom & Jerry, plenty of TV ads, YouTube videos, and Oscar-winning silver screen productions. We may also associate animation with childhood and an overall feeling of relaxation and laid back entertainment. But is animation good for business as marketing is concerned?Continue Reading..