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This New Personalization Technique Can Help Boost Conversions 200%.

Forget about going mobile and SEO-optimizing – there is a new e-commerce trend that can boost conversions by a whopping 200%. We are talking about weather personalization. Yup, you heard right -- weather personalization.The perks? You don’t need the bulk of your customers’ data, but only their location, which is easily defined by geo-targeting. And yet, it can deliver just as good results as if you were greeting each customer by name.Continue Reading..

Four Innovative Digital Marketing Campaigns that Disrupted the Marketplace

We live in a society suffering from information overload. According to Eric Schmidt, CEO, Google, we create more information in two days than we created since the dawn of civilization up until 2003.The result? Shorter attention spans. With around 3000 ad impressions a single person is subjected to on a daily basis, where do we focus our attention on? And for how long?Continue Reading..

42 Top Digital Marketing Tools You Can Use to Grow Your Business

Are you looking for a quick round-up of the top digital marketing tools you can use to improve your next campaign? Good news, we've done a little bit of homework for you (based on the infographic from EZSiteBuilders at the bottom of this post).Here are the top digital marketing tools you should use as you try to improve the results of your digital marketing campaigns.Continue Reading..