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10 Essential Tools and Concepts to Organize and Optimize your Digital Marketing Strategy

It may look like traditional advertising is becoming obsolete, but the truth is that it is the exact opposite. Instead of dissolving into the ether, traditional advertising and marketing strategies are simply evolving at a rapid pace.While television commercials still garner a premium price for their ads, the tiny ads in various social media platforms and websites are slowly growing in value and have collectively peaked at $15.9 billion. This obviously means that something is working and it’s your job to take advantage of this trend, while it is still relatively new and growing.Continue Reading..

How to Use Your Brand’s Story to Sell More of Your Products or Services

Everyone loves a good story. It’s the reason people spend billions each year on movies and books. A good story can make the audience feel an emotion, root for the protagonist, or hate the villain. A great story can captivate, motivate and provide a sense of thrill and excitement.Marketing doesn’t have to be a boring sales pitch. You can use the time-tested strategies of Hollywood storytelling to make your marketing strategy more effective. Here are a few benefits to using storytelling in your next marketing campaign.Continue Reading..

8 Reasons to Start a Full-Scale Digital Marketing Campaign

According to our friends at CJG Digital Marketing, companies that use digital marketing have 3X improved revenue growth expectancy if they use effective digital marketing techniques.That's just one of the facts included in the infographic below. To learn more about using digital marketing to grow your business, read on!Continue Reading..