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Managing Email Marketing the Right Way

Since the advent of the Internet—how long ago that was—ease of communication, connectivity, and audience reach has made business practices much easier. Take e-mail marketing, for example.

Nowadays, seeing your digital inbox filled with mail from subscriptions is common. These could range from advertising tactics to promotional material or even feedback request for their services. But how do you measure the success of your email campaign? By checking how many engagements or responses you solicited out of a few hundred thousand or a few millions? Sure, that’s an easy way.

How do you guarantee that your emails are opened, read, and answered? By knowing what makes email marketing effective.

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A Guide to Writing an Effective Sales Email: 5 Simple Steps to Reach Your Customers

Sales emails are time-consuming, aren't they? In order to write a well-tailored sales email that will guarantee success, you need to take the time to get it right. And even when you do, you never get a guarantee that the email will pay off.

It is time to stop seeing sales emails as something exhausting and torturing. Even if you think these emails are time-consuming, writing such messages becomes much easier with practice. Once you learn to master the writing, you will manage to do this in no time.

But how do you get your target customers to open the email and respond to it? Well, this is exactly the question that we are about to answer. The following 5 steps are aimed to help you to write an effective sales email. The steps of writing a sales e-mail are set according to the 5 components of such writings —

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9 Important Ways You Can Beat Bad Email Etiquette

You send and receive more than 115 business emails on any given day. But how many of those do you actually read? How many do you start with such high hopes, then see something so irritating that you can’t even read on?What started out as a promising exchange shifted in the blink of an eye, leaving you annoyed and the email in the Trash.Bad email etiquette happens all the time. And, sure, it drives you crazy. But what if maybe, just maybe, you’re guilty of some of these email faux pas? Here are a few ways to beat bad email etiquette and make your customers look forward to seeing your message pop into their inbox.Continue Reading..