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8 Email Marketing Tips to Increase ROI on a Budget

Email marketing is one of the most important tools for any business strategy. With its ability to generate 50% more sales and increase ROI by 4,300%, email is a vital tactic to create and maintain relationships with your customers.Continue Reading..

Advanced Analytics are the New Frontier in Email Marketing

Email marketers spend most of their time analyzing the data that they receive from their campaigns. How many clicks are they getting? How many opens? What’s the conversion rate?  Almost all email marketers today have the tools they need to answer these basic questions, but they rarely, if ever, take the next step when analyzing their email campaigns. The basic data that can be gained from this thought process is obviously important, but if a company wants to take their marketing campaign to a new level, they have to introduce advanced analytics into the equation. Continue Reading..

Text vs Email Marketing: Which Method Packs A Bigger Punch?

It's no secret, email marketing has been in the arena for quite some time. Tons of online marketing professionals and business owners use this method to fire out qualified offers, promotions, or announcements. Although this tactic isn't completely ineffective, recent mobile usage habits suggest that the times are changing. Continue Reading..