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How to Attract Leads that Stick: 4 Effective Lead Generation Ideas

Every digital marketing endeavor aims for lead generation. You simply cannot grow a business online without it. But it takes a certain amount of finesse to get it right and maximize your returns.

A marketer’s ultimate goal is to generate high-quality leads that convert. That means you must attract people to your website and convince them to give up personal information—all with the hope that they truly need your solution and will become customers.

This is not easy.

Fortunately, there are proven ways to boost your chances of generating quality leads that will stick around. If you’re struggling to create an effective lead generation strategy, look no further. Here are four tips for generating more (and better) leads to improve your conversion rates:Continue Reading..

How to Write the Perfect Elevator Pitch

I’ve committed to write 1500 words, plus or minus, giving you guidance on perfecting your elevator pitch. 1500 words devoted to the art of keeping it brief. In a sense, an opening paragraph like this is the elevator pitch for the essay that follows. It’s where I should be drawing you in, letting you know what’s in it for you if you read until the end. Right around this sentence is where I should be getting to my point.As far as elevator pitches go, that opening paragraph was an utter failure.
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6 Ways to Make Your Marketing Creative Better than the Competition

One of the most integral components for new businesses is marketing. Although that’s been a longstanding rule since forever, nowadays with the surplus of emerging businesses it’s easy to find yourself lost in the volume of new companies. Particularly to those similar to your own.Continue Reading..