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6 Ways to Make Your Marketing Creative Better than the Competition

One of the most integral components for new businesses is marketing. Although that’s been a longstanding rule since forever, nowadays with the surplus of emerging businesses it’s easy to find yourself lost in the volume of new companies. Particularly to those similar to your own.Continue Reading..

Mixology For Marketers: How to Have Fun at Work and at Home

Marketers have long been known for consumption of alcohol, and that perception has been reinforced in recent years by Mad Men and other popular media.  We asked ourselves what it'd be like if the people in marketing world chose their drinks based on their role.  Here is the totally unscientific results of our musings.Continue Reading..

CNN Interviews Jamie Turner to Get His Take on 2017 Super Bowl Commercials

What are your favorite 2017 Super Bowl commercials? And why did you pick them? That's a question on everybody's mind this time of year and it was the source of a fun and lively CNN interview with Jamie Turner.Interested in seeing which spots are getting the most buzz? If so, check out Jamie's interview. And be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.  If you're interested in staying up-to-date on the latest tips and techniques in marketing, join our e-newsletter community, or click below to see some of the extra resources available to our members.101 Digtial E-book 2.001