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A Visual Guide to Understanding the Modern Customer Life Cycle

You see a product you want in three different stores or websites. You compare prices and reviews. You find out what extra the seller is ready to offer. Eventually, you buy from the place you know best. This is the power of customer relationship management.Continue Reading..

Five Essential Steps to Shake Up Your Marketing and Grow Your Business

I’d like to start this post with a shocking and controversial claim: Outbound marketing is not dead. Nor, as some might assert, should it be.When I hear everyone raving about inbound marketing and how it's the only way to go these days, it makes me cringe.I don’t know many small companies that can afford to spend money on creating endless content, hoping it eventually gets indexed by search engines, drives traffic to their site and generates leads. Personally, I don’t care to put my destiny 100% in the hands of search engines or social media sites. So what’s a marketer to do?Balance, my friends, balance. Marketers must balance their outbound marketing efforts with their inbound efforts.Continue Reading..

How Much Should You be Spending on Marketing? We Have the Answer

We're working with several companies right now who are trying to establish an appropriate budget for their marketing campaigns in 2016. Each of them has asked for historical benchmarks for their industry.Continue Reading..