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What Marketers Must Know About Instagram Stories

As we are all aware, Snapchat has stepped into the fold to compete with the likes of other social media giants, including Instagram. Instagram, which was bought by Facebook, also made an offer to Evan Spiegel to buy out Snapchat for $3 Billion. However, Evan turned down the offer, clearly stating his intentions to provide competition.

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6 Ways Of Boosting Your Brand’s Presence On Instagram

So you may think that Instagram is a world for young folks to flaunt their fancy photos with various filters and a platform that’s not on the priority list for businesses. Well, after reading this blog you’ll see it in an altogether new light. With an unprecedented rise in social media marketing as the preferred mode by a majority of the companies, the right branding strategy on Instagram can take your brand ahead of the game.

Instagram, currently has outpaced all other social media networks and is sprinting its way to the top. According to Scott Galloway, a clinical marketing professor at NYU Stern, Instagram can have up to 50x engagement rate of Facebook and a 20x engagement rate of Twitter. By 2017, 51.8% social media users will be using Instagram making it cross the 50% mark for the first time. With all major brands worldwide now turning towards Instagram for product exposure and conversion, here are 6 ways to boost your sales and presence on Instagram.

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7 Steps to Getting Your Brand's Instagram Channel Off the Ground

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 5.26.02 PMDid you know the following facts about Instagram:
  • It has more than 300 million active users
  • More than 30 billion photos have been shared on the platform
  • And unlike Facebook, where you can only reach 3% of your followers organically, you can reach a 100% of your Instagram followers organically.
If your brand's does not have a presence on Instagram, now is the time to get started. To help you get your brand's Instagram channel off the ground, check out these tips from Instant Profits with Instagram below: 7-steps-to-getting-brand-instagram-channel-off-issa-asad