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Prepare Yourself for a Fundamental Shift in Marketing: From Permission Based Marketing to Informed Access Based Marketing

In the excellent documentary “Terms & Conditions May Apply” the film makers confirmed what most us could have guessed at or already knew: people tend to not read the Terms & Conditions for any product or service they engage with.

The documentary is well worth seeking out on Netflix or elsewhere, if only to laugh at those who (spoiler alert) signed away their "mortal souls" as part of one fake set of T’s &C’s. The joke wears off pretty quickly, however, when one realizes that it could just have easily been “me” that agreed to those terms.

None of the global brands chased down by the film makers regarding their terms of services comes out of it very well.

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Marketing Techniques Every Accounting Firm Should Utilize

No matter the industry, honing your marketing techniques is vital. Creating a successful accounting practice is no exception. Differentiating your firm from industry competition and creating your own niche within the field—and understanding how to market these facets—is integral to profitability. The following marketing techniques can help revitalize your accounting firm’s growth.

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Investing in the Restaurant Industry — Good Idea? Or Not So Good Idea?

If you’ve been approached with the opportunity to invest in a restaurant there are many facets of the business to consider. From disheartening statistics to never-ending costs, there are plenty of reasons to avoid a restaurant investment. On the other side of the coin, there are numerous benefits to be gleaned from a successful restaurant venture.Continue Reading..