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The Making of a Marketing Superstar

Spotting the differences between good and bad marketers is easy. But what sets the great marketers apart from those that are merely good? Let’s explore five dynamic principles with examples who modeled taking the trait from good to great.Continue Reading..

How Marketers Measure the Success of their Campaigns

Marketers are tasked with a Hunger Games-like scenario in the battle for budgets and marketing dollars. According to a recent global survey conducted by Forbes Insights and Aprimo, the fight for marketing dollars is one of the top issues today’s marketers face – with just 28% of marketers claiming their organizations are equipped to support the agile marketing needed to prove the value of marketing budgets.

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4 Tips On Improving Your Brand Image with Marketing

No business can succeed without good marketing. This is especially true in the internet era, where brands seem to be constantly fighting to be the most noticed online. Sadly, there's no secret weapon that brands can use to be the most recognized in a crowded marketing landscape. All of us want to come up with that magic viral post that catapults us to the next level, but it's typically not as simple as that.Continue Reading..