Category: Mobile Marketing

How to Run Remarketing Campaigns on Mobile

Traditional remarketing gives you a unique chance to turn bounced visitors into customers. You can automatically reconnect with people who have already visited your website by showing them a customized ad. It is also a great way to improve brand awareness and decrease the overall CPA (cost per acquisition). Continue Reading..

The Beginner’s Guide to SMS Marketing

To the first time user, SMS marketing doesn't seem like the easiest technique. But, if you follow proper guidelines and best practices, you'll soon become an SMS marketing pro. If you're a visual learner, this infographic by SlickText is a great start. You'll see that this immediate and affordable mobile communication technique is a great way for small business owners to grow their business without spending hundreds or thousands of precious marketing dollars. Continue Reading..

It’s Not about Social or Mobile, It’s about Social and Mobile

Not long ago, the second edition of my book How to Make Money with Social Media was published both in the United States and in several countries overseas. I wanted to share a short excerpt from one of the chapters that's particularly important. It's about the intersection of social media and mobile marketing. Enjoy! Continue Reading..