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How to Use Advanced Mobile Targeting Technologies to Attract New Prospects to Your Business

On October 21st, I’ll be presenting a webinar about mobile marketing with my good friend Chuck Moxley who runs marketing for 4INFO, a mobile platform that provides businesses the ability to target consumers and track their purchases on a house-by-house level.If you’re interested in sitting in on the next webinar, you can register here. It’s an in-depth program that’s perfect for advanced marketers who are interested in tracking their mobile marketing budgets on an ROI basis.Continue Reading..

Mobile Ads Generate More Clicks Than Mobile Social Buttons

Just when you think you've got the mobile and social world all figured out, things change. It's what makes the industry so much fun ... and so hard to stay on top of.Here's what I mean -- A recent report from mobile optimization platform Moovweb found that consumers on mobile are 11.5 times more likely to click on an ad than they are a social sharing button.Continue Reading..

Top 50 Mobile Marketing Tools and Platforms for Business

One of the more popular posts on the 60 Second Marketer is entitled Top 52 Social Media Platforms Every Marketer Should Know. It outlines all of the key social media platforms you can use to connect with prospects and customers.With that in mind, we decided to create this post which outlines the top 50 mobile marketing tools and platforms businesses like yours are using to grow sales and revenues.Continue Reading..