Category: Mobile Marketing

10 Incredible Mobile Marketing Facts

Did you know that 60% of consumers around the world access the internet via their mobile devices? Or that 53% of all e-commerce traffic comes through a mobile device? No wonder 2015 has been and continues to be an exciting year for mobile. Continue Reading..

Facebook Finally Gets Their Act Together on Mobile. How You Can Benefit.

I've been pretty clear about my disdain for Facebook over the years. I found early versions of the graphical user interface (GUI) so bad that I thought Facebook would fail for the first few years of its existence. I was, of course, wrong. Continue Reading..

Text vs Email Marketing: Which Method Packs A Bigger Punch?

It's no secret, email marketing has been in the arena for quite some time. Tons of online marketing professionals and business owners use this method to fire out qualified offers, promotions, or announcements. Although this tactic isn't completely ineffective, recent mobile usage habits suggest that the times are changing. Continue Reading..