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Why a Messy Workspace Can Actually Lead to More Creativity and Better Problem Solving

When you own a business or manage a team, you hear the word “messy” and assume the worst. Maybe you even start feeling a sense of panic or anxiety creeping in. But what if that messiness is what your creative team needs to thrive?

Studies have shown that a messier workspace produces more creative work and faster problem solving skills.

As a manager or boss, it is important to understand how your team’s minds work and what boosts their creativity in order to produce the most effective work possible. Factors like not having the right tools available to your team to maximize their potential, being unaware of their comprehensive goal and wanting to keep the process a secret can majorly impede their creative flow.

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4 Tips On Improving Your Brand Image with Marketing

No business can succeed without good marketing. This is especially true in the internet era, where brands seem to be constantly fighting to be the most noticed online. Sadly, there's no secret weapon that brands can use to be the most recognized in a crowded marketing landscape. All of us want to come up with that magic viral post that catapults us to the next level, but it's typically not as simple as that.Continue Reading..

9 Tips for Small Businesses Competing in a Big Business World

It can be difficult for a small business to succeed in today's commercial landscape. Between new enterprises popping up seemingly overnight and others closing their doors for good, profitability isn't guaranteed. Despite the odds, it is possible to carve out your own existence and compete in a world that is dominated by big business — it just requires a lot of work. Here are nine ways to make your small business competitive.

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