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Why Blogger Outreach is Such a Powerful Marketing Method

In recent years, it seems as if bloggers have taken over the internet. From starting their own sites as a hobby to turning an online hub into a multimillion dollar business, bloggers are creating waves in the online world. But why is that relevant and what does that mean for your business?Bloggers can actually benefit your business and your online marketing strategy in a variety of different ways. Whether you’ve looked into content marketing or you’re looking to add another stream to your marketing mix, you may be interested in building a successful blogger outreach strategy. By creating valuable content, with valuable links in place, and building up good relationships with bloggers, you could be opening up your business to strong SEO, promotional and sales opportunities that may not be there otherwise.But, to get you started, let’s take a look into what exactly blogger outreach is and how you can start to take is seriously as the most powerful marketing method out there.Continue Reading..

8 Crucial Online Tools for Serious Blog Marketers

Serious bloggers understand that digital marketing is exceptionally diverse and can get pretty complex.More importantly, the amount of time needed for marketing a website can have you wringing your hands in sheer frustration and panic.That’s why keeping abreast of the latest - and best - online tools is crucial.This list of 8 crucial online tools for serious blog marketers will make your life easier, and give you a better return on your time.Continue Reading..

But Wait — There’s More: The Evolution of Direct Response Commerce

For many veteran marketers and brand managers, the shift to data-centric digital marketing has required significant adjustments. It’s not just the automated tools and information streaming in from multiple sources that challenge them; it’s the increasing levels of personalization and micro-targeting that require a group more accustomed to “spray and pray” broad-based appeals to rethink overarching strategies.

But one group of marketers and brand advocates were data-driven before it became a thing: direct response (DR) marketers.

Accountability is all the rage today — clients expect campaigns to deliver solid metrics. But that wasn’t always the case in the traditional advertising world. It was in the DR environment, which is why DR has a lot to teach today’s marketing professionals.Continue Reading..