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How to Use Live Chat to Convert More Prospects to Customers

Great customer support has one goal -- to make it easy for customers to get their problem solved painlessly and quickly.Out of all of the customer service methods available (email, phone or live chat), live chat is by far the simplest, fastest and least obtrusive. It’s no surprise that almost one third of all consumers are now expecting live chat to be available on any business website.Continue Reading..

Four Lessons You Can Learn About Marketing from the Olympics and the Presidential Election

The two big media stories of 2016 were the summer Olympics and of course the ongoing drama of the presidential election. Both of these posed odd challenges for marketers and media buyers where available time was scarce, prices rose, and a broader mix of buyers were looking to find the right space for clients.The demand for airtime was embraced by brands that are continuing to migrate back to television because of disappointing digital campaign results and the need to quickly boost their brand awareness.Continue Reading..

6 Essential Behaviors of the World’s Best Digital Agencies

With success comes an increase in business but also an increase in work, leading some businesses to turn to outside help to manage their online presence. When you’re not a digital expert, it can be challenging to know what to look for in an digital agency. As with any service, you can ask friends and research online, but that doesn’t guarantee you'll find the right partner for your business.Continue Reading..