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5 Ways to Use Employee Advocacy to Grow Your Business

Brand awareness can often times be one of the more abstract goals of demand generation. It’s hard to quantify and can be hard to measure without the right tools and processes in place. On top of that, the C-suite doesn’t always understand the value.However, a good, well-rounded marketer should understand the massive impact a good brand awareness and word-of-mouth marketing strategy can have on the organization. From sales enablement to customer retention and even investor relations, everywhere in between, brand awareness is something that needs to be a focal point in any marketing mix.Continue Reading..

7 Essential Techniques to Protect Your Content from Thieves

The internet is a nefarious place, full of plagiarists posing as opportunists and trying to muscle in on your business. Protecting your content is one of the most important things that you can do, rather, it’s one of the things that you need to do.A creative and inventive content writer can easily take your content, switch the wording around, make it more SEO-friendly and sell it as his own.Continue Reading..

4 Ways to Personalize your Marketing with Salesforce

This article in a nutshell:

  • Despite all technology available to today’s marketers, there still seems to be a disconnect between the level of personalization marketers believe they provide, and what their customers actually experience
  • Salesforce has changed how companies manage data with CRM, below are four ways to take full advantage of what Salesforce offers for top-notch marketing
In season one of Mad Men, executives from Lucky Strike enlist the creative team at Sterling Cooper to rebrand their cigarettes after the government makes it illegal to advertise that they’re safe.Continue Reading..