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28 Facts You Probably Don’t Know About WordPress

Did you know that WordPress powers more than 17 million websites? It's true. And it's just one of the many amazing facts you'll learn in this infographic brought to us by our friends at SkilledContinue Reading..

7 Ways Expert Designers Use Emotion to Create Powerful Websites

As a professional graphic artist, it is often easy or downright convenient to think of design as a mechanical task required for you to execute in the most efficient manners. On the one hand, who can blame you? Design after all, is no less than a science.It’s a very technical art that you spent years seriously training for in art school. Color theory, vanishing points, kerning, and proper proportions, are only some of the many methodical UX principles that you try to keep in mind when executing any given design task.Continue Reading..

15 Best WordPress Plugins to Boost Conversion Rates at Little to No cost

Just as Microsoft pretty much rules the world of operating systems, so WordPress pretty much rules the world of site and blog building. In fact, of the top 10 million sites, as ranked by Alexa, 25% use WordPress. As far as content management systems, the closest competitors, Drupal and Joomla combined, make up only 5% of websites.Because of its popularity, the movement to develop plug-ins has not slowed. In fact, a look at will show that there are now over 40,000 plugins listed. This is great news for marketers, because a good number of them relate to CRO. It is also bad news, because there are so many options, it is difficult to know which are really going to meet individual needs.Continue Reading..