A short while back Mashable published a great piece on Google tools that people probably didn’t know existed.  As we were going through the list, we found many helpful tools that could be of great use to marketers in particular.

While Google Trends already seems to be a favorite among marketers, we’ve listed 5 more tools and resources that Google offers that will help you get more out of your marketing experience.

Google Correlate

Google Correlate, a part of Google Trends, goes further than showing the ups and downs in people’s interest toward a given topic by enabling you to see correlation data by time and geographic location.

Once you’ve logged into the tool you can upload your own data set to view any correlations. This is especially useful if you want to see whether searches for your product were higher while you were running a particular campaign for that product.

The tool is essentially Google Trends reversed. With Google Trends, you put in a search term to reveal how it has performed over time. Correlate, on the other hand, allows you to find searches that were similar to the data series (either a time frame or state-by-state comparison) entered into it.

Don’t have a data series to enter into the program? Just by drawing a graph using the “Search by Drawing Function,” you get a list of search queries that match. You can check out our creation above!

Google Think Insights

Google Think Insights offers marketers a wealth of resources on consumer trends, key statistics, industry research, and marketing insights.

Whether you’re looking for a report on LG’s Smart Banner ads, interested in an article that explores the relationship between engaging content and brand perception, or looking for an in-depth research study on driving donations digitally, it’s all in there.

Unlike Google’s other tools, Think Insights presents data in a very accessible and visually appealing way.

The best part about this tool is that it allows marketers to search for insights according to industry, marketing objectives, ad and content type, and by region to get information that is most relevant to you. The ease of use combined with the wealth of information Google has access to, makes this a very valuable tool for all marketers.

Google Public Data Explorer

Google’s Public Data Explorer allows you to easily explore a number of international databases and makes it extremely simple to visualize uncovered data and to communicate your findings with others. This tool is a great starting point for researching new markets and conducting demographic research.  It enables you to easily examine any publicly released information about unemployment rates, census data, and spending trends and presents the data in a visual graph.

This is a great tool for exploratory and in depth research alike. Whether you’re interested in the finding out how the United Kingdom compares to the United States in terms of cellphone ownership or want insight into how countries compare based on buyer sophistication, you can find this information just through a few clicks. This enables you to better make decisions about product positioning and marketing products to consumers according to their spending power and economic and social conditions.

Google Full Value of Mobile

The importance of mobile to the success of a marketing campaign is understood by everyone, but many marketers still do not understand how to measure its performance and impact. With Full Value Mobile, Google provides marketers tools and benchmarks that enable them to gauge to what extent mobile drives business and how customers interact with them through their mobile site, apps, calls, in-store and cross-device.

Full Value Mobile offers a calculator that lets you to measure how many in-store sales mobile is driving. Or if your goal is to drive app downloads, you can use another calculator to figure out how many app downloads come from your display ads and mobile search ads. This is a great tool for those who are looking to measure the performance of their mobile efforts in a convenient and hassle-free way.

Google Fonts

With Google Fonts you can get access to 632 (and growing!)  high-quality, open source web fonts. Finding the perfect font is made super easy with the search function that allows you to search fonts by thickness, slant, and width. The best part is that the fonts are all free for public and private use.

Whether you’re a Google fan or find its ubiquitousness a tiny bit disconcerting, it’s hard to deny that they offer a lot of great resources to marketers at absolutely no cost. Do check out a few or all of the tools mentioned above according to your particular marketing needs. We’re sure that you’ll go from exploring to finding some indispensable to your marketing efforts in no time!

About the Author: Devna Thapliyal is an account executive at 60 Second Communications and blogs regularly on the 60 Second Marketer.