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When we talk about the social media revolution, having exposure in popular social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin has become an absolute necessity.

There can be no better proof than 1.3 billion monthly active users on Facebook and 284 million active users on twitter (according to Lacking profiles on the popular social media platforms would be a huge strategic miss for businesses that are looking for a greater exposure in the digital market.

Of course, the biggest challenge for any businesses is active participation. It requires lot of planning, effort and expertise to keep all your social media accounts active, engaging and updated.

But what if you had a tool that provided flexibility to manage all your social media accounts from one place? I’ve tried different tools to accomplish this job but my all time favorite social media manage tool is SocialPilot. Let me tell you why.

Social Pilot is a new tool that can help you to plan and arrange your schedules for multiple accounts and profiles on the various social media platforms. In a way, it gives you the opportunity to sit back and relax or concentrate on other aspects of your business by planning and creating a to-do list for your social media campaign.

Here’s a screenshot of the SocialPilot dashboard:


As you can see, the Dashboard gives you a snapshot of your Group, Social Accounts, Posts, Advance Schedules and Feeds.

How do you get started with SocialPilot? It’s easy.

#1 Create Groups

If you’re managing social media accounts of different clients in the same industry, you can create a group in which multiple accounts can be added. Now, you can populate social media updates to group that will be published in all social media accounts associated with that group.


#2 Connect Social Accounts

Now, connect your social media accounts to your profile at SocialPilot. You can connect multiple accounts from different social media websites like Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.


#3 Schedule Your Post

Thereafter, you can create and schedule your posts that are to be posted on the sites based on your time zone. This might be anything from plain text to images, links and more. You also get the freedom and flexibility to share your posts across all the accounts that you have chosen and linked to your SocialPilot account.


It’s not done yet!

You can automate your social media sharing by inserting feeds of your favorite websites that can be linked to a group or particular accounts. Whenever the new post is published on website, it will be automatically shared with all associated accounts.


Suggestion is my favorite feature of SocialPilot; it includes the post from popular blogs/websites around the world categorized by theme. You just schedule the post from the suggestion list and it will be published on all associated accounts.


It is unbelievably easy, isn’t it? With so many people getting lost in the crowd even before starting their social media marketing endeavors, getting help from a tool like SocialPilot will make you a winner right from the inception.

The best thing is that it does not manage your updates on a single account but on different popular social media platforms. This tool does not impose any limitation whatsoever on the user in terms of scheduling and posting.

Also, the initial account creation stage in SocialPilot is super easy. You can either register as a new user by providing your details like your name and email ID. Or, you have the option of logging in by connecting with your social media accounts.

In a nuthsell, I’m a big fan of SocialPilot, but I’m just one person. What about you? Are you using any social media management tool? If so, which one is your favorite?

About the Author: Jignesh Gohel is a Founder and CEO at OLBUZ, an emerging digital marketing agency specializing in e-commerce business and product marketing.


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