Digital marketing isn’t easy. In fact, it’s downright difficult. You spend a lot of time creating landing pages, developing content, planning your media and a whole slew of other things. Then, you flip the switch and … what?

The answer, of course, is that you measure your results. Hopefully, the results are everything you hoped they’d be. But the problem many marketers have is that they don’t know what tools to use to measure the results.

Good news. We’ve collected many of the top tools you can use to measure the success of your next digital marketing campaign.

Some of the tools are free, and some of them cost monty. But all of them are excellent. So click through on the links below and check out the top digital marketing tools you can use to measure the success of your next campaign.

  1. Google Analytics: This tool from Google allows you to improve your site, app, and marketing channel performance with specialized data reviewing features.
  2. Mixpanel: Considered the most advanced analytics platform in the world for mobile and web functions, Mixpanel answers any questions by reporting actions, not page views.
  3. Webtrends: This program uses digital analytics to gain a real perspective on how your customers interact with your brand across different channels using a simple dashboard interface.
  4. Upsight: This platform provides more than enough tools to identify your business KPIs, explore user data, and create personalized user experiences for app performance.
  5. Apsalar: A mobile app attribution and data management platform that allows for measurement of marketing campaigns.
  6. Appsee: Offering unique and powerful analytics, Appsee is a mobile platform that helps optimize the user experience and drive results.
  7. Localytics: This tool tracks user acquisition campaigns with major ad networks such as Facebook.
  8. Adobe Analytics: By applying real-time analytics and detailed segmentation, Adobe provides an easy-to-use approach in discovering high-value audiences.
  9. Countly: This platform uses a clean, real-time dashboard that reports purchases right when they are made.
  10. Amplitude: By discovering the user’s behavior and actions, this scalable analytics platform makes it easy to drive growth.
  11. Tune: This platform measures each marketing channel and determines quickly which partners and channels are most valuable.
  12. Admob: This mobile advertising company provides tools that are designed to help with app monetization, user analysis, and mediation.
  13. AppsFlyer: Once AppsFlyer’s SDK is integrated, measuring campaigns in real-time is as simple as it is useful.
  14. MediaVantage: Designed for PR gurus, this tool gives you instant access to TV, print, online and social media content that is relevant to your brand’s reputation, your industry, or your competition.
  15. Spredfast: This platform is all about the analytics. Spredfast tracks and measures your campaign’s effectiveness based on content output, how many people were reached and if they were engaged. They also offer a benchmarking feature that allows you to compare the effectiveness of your campaign against other strategies in your industry or against similar campaigns in different industries to see where you stack up.
  16. Cision: This monitoring and engagement tool provides you with a dashboard of analyzed data on what people are saying about your brand and helps companies delegate responses and workflow.
  17. Google Alerts: Though it’s not strictly speaking a social media tool, setting up Google Alerts for your name, your company name and your products this simple step will help keep you in the loop.
  18. Networked Insights: Their “Social Sense” product line offers simple social media listening tools to monitor what is being said about your brand and your industry.  One unique product is their “Social Sense TV,” which allows you to survey the buzz surrounding specific TV shows so that you can make your traditional media spend more efficient.
  19. This ubiquitous URL shortener not only makes it easier to share links, it also allows you to track your own links (or your competitors) by simply adding a + to the end of any URL. This feature will let you view how many clicks you’ve received, top referrers, and the location of the clicks.
  20. Tend: Tend makes it easy to see which marketing tactics drive leads, demos, sales or any other metric so your team knows which marketing efforts work and which ones don’t. 

Did we cover all of your favorite digital measurement tools? If not, let us know and we’ll add them back in the future.

About the Author: Jamie Turner is an internationally-recognized author, speaker, and business thought-leader. You’ll find him on the 60 Second Marketer and occasionally as an expert commentator on CNN. He is the founder of SIXTY, a digital and mobile marketing firm working large and small corporations. He is also the founder of the Mobile X Festival, an un-conference for businesses that want to use mobile to grow their sales and revenues. 

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