3D animation lets you show off your product and it’s features in ways that have never been possible before. It also gives you the opportunity to launch your product on a number of different platforms at once. It can engage, inform and entertain your customers and ultimately boost your sales.

Here are the top 5 ways that 3D product animation can help you to improve your marketing strategy and grow your sales.

Open 24 Hours

3D animation allows you to promote and sell your product online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Once you’ve created your animation it can advertise your product to your customers all over the world whenever they want to see it. Animation is able to explain your product clearly and simply, making it the ideal way to showcase it’s features tell people about it. No matter which side of the hemisphere your customers are on, your animation is available for them to view whenever they want. How convenient!

Eye Catching

A professional, bright, attractive page containing your 3D animation will draw far more attention. Which sounds better, reading an article describing a product, or watching an animation which shows you the product and its features? Probably the second choice right? You’re not alone, in fact, people are 4 times more likely to watch a video about a product than they are to read an article about it.  So naturally, when you have a 3D product animation on your website it’s more likely to attract and hold on to a consumers attention. Once people see your product and learn more about it they are more likely to buy it. Thus, increasing your sales.


YouTube and other social media platforms are ideal channels for promoting 3D animation. As most marketers are well aware, social media is an important place to promote products. Using social media for marketing makes it easier to reach your target audience. With the help of 3D animations, you can create professional looking, engaging visual content which will grab the attention of your audience and make an impact. If your video is high quality and interesting enough people will share it too, spreading the reach of your product further. This not only helps to increase your sales but it also creates brand awareness among your followers. Plus, the more followers you gain on social media the more traffic your will get to your site. Which in turn means more sales.


3D animation helps to increase your credibility among your customers, both old and new. To grow your business and increase sales it’s not enough just to acquire new customers, it’s equally important to retain your existing customers too. Using a 3D animation, you can create ‘how to’ videos for your customers. By making an informative, instructional video you can give your customers added value by showing them features of your product that they may not normally use. This helps to gain their trust in your company and your products. These videos increase your credibility among your customers and aid in the growth of your business.


3D animation helps to engage your customers. If you develop an interactive 3D product animation you can let your customers engage with your products, it can also help you to attract your prospective customers. By showing people, not just your product, but it’s features and functions in a 360 o view you give them the chance to experience your product virtually as if it’s right in front of them. Your animation can teach customers about your product and make their experience more memorable, which both help to increase sales.

It’s safe to say, that in a world fill with competition the best way to grow your business is by reaching out to your customers. 3D product animation helps you to reach your customers in an interactive, engaging and memorable way. It brings products to life in ways that images and text just can’t do and communicates clearly and concisely. 3D animation is a perfect marketing tool for a wide range of companies in many different industries, as it can be used to promote, explain or demonstrate all kinds of products, no matter how complex they are.

If that wasn’t enough to persuade you, here’s a showreel of 3D product animation in action, proving why 3D animated video is the best form of content creation for your business- no matter what field you’re in.


About the Author: Emma Conlan: Marketing Specialist – PinkSquare. Emma is a copywriter and marketing professional from the UK, currently living and working in Copenhagen. Emma loves traveling, writing, shopping and (most of all) her dog. PinkSquare is a company dedicated to improving the experience of purchasing 3D animations, especially for small and medium sized companies. They make the process of buying 3D animations easy, fast and affordable.