Running a business has never been easy, and while the modern age of technology and the all-powerful internet has made it a bit easier, it’s also made it a whole lot more confusing as well. The days when you advertised your business on radio, TV, fliers that you put on people’s cars, and plain old word of mouth are long gone.

In today’s modern world you advertise through digital marketing and by following the latest marketing trends you find on the internet. There are so many that it’s hard to choose the best digital marketing practice for your business. With that in mind, read on below for a few of the digital marketing types that are tried and true, to get you started.

Link Building

Link building is one of the biggest tried and true marketing types out there today. The practice is pointed at increasing the quality and number of inbound links to your website so that you can increase the rankings of that website or even a page within that website. If you are looking to increase your rankings in the Google search engine, then it is a good idea to look into excellent link building services.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is by far one of the most popular types of digital marketing for any business. It is used to increase sales and bring your customers articles, blogs, and other written words about the services and products you are offering. The tricky thing with content marketing is that you have to get it right 100 percent of the time. The content that you put on your site should have strategically placed keywords, no overstuffing and be grammar and spelling error free. It is also imperative that the content is fresh and relate to the products or services you are selling.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is all about managing and promoting your brand across social media platforms. This is where most small businesses drag their feet because they don’t want to be on social media. However, social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter has millions of people on them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, making them the perfect place to advertise.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is quite a bit more than sending out emails to your friends. It is one of the oldest forms of digital marketing and the emails sent out should send targeted messages to a certain targeted audience and be sent at a certain time. In other words, the emails are tailored to meet a certain consumer’s requirements.

Search Engine Optimization Marketing (SEO)

The most important form of marketing you can do, though they are all important, is search engine optimization marketing, also fondly known of as SEO. This is the most general type of digital marketing and helps your website rank well in Google’s search engines. If you are not familiar with SEO, and most of us aren’t because Google changes things constantly, then you are better off hiring a reputable marketing firm to take care of your SEO, and even your other marketing needs instead.

These are just a few of the top tried and true digital marketing practices out there for small businesses today. From link building to SEO and from email marketing to social media marketing, all of them have their uses and will help your business grow.