Content marketing is one of the most important aspects of your digital marketing strategy but so many people are getting it wrong. If you’re creating good quality content and posting on your site and social media platforms, it’ll prove to customers that you’re a trusted source of information and make them more likely to buy from you. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that it’s easy and end up getting it wrong. If you aren’t seeing any results, you’re probably making some of these mistakes.

Not Posting At The Right Time

People don’t often realize how important it is to post your stuff at the right time. When people are looking at social media, there are thousands of posts every hour so things are quickly lost in the noise. If you post when nobody is online, it’s not likely that anybody will ever see it. That’s why you need to post at exactly the right time so it will come up while people are actively scrolling. Digital marketing companies like Ignite Digital can help you with creating great content and scheduling it properly so it goes out at the best possible time. In the mornings, before work is a good time because people often check their social media when they wake up. Lunchtimes are also quite good because people tend to check when they’re on their lunch break at work, and in the evenings when they get home is another good time.

Content That Isn’t Useful

You need to make sure that people are actually reading the things that you post so they need to have value. A lot of people go for quantity over quality and while it is important that you’re posting regularly, it’s more important to make sure that it’s actually useful. You need to write posts about your industry or products that are helpful to people. By doing that, you cement yourself as a leading expert in your field which builds trust between you and your customers. Trust is vital in business because people won’t be willing to hand over their cash to a company that they don’t think is reliable.

Spelling Errors

The occasional spelling or grammar mistake might not seem like such a big deal but it really is. People are only going to buy things from people that they think are professional. If you have lots of errors in your posts, that tells customers that you’re careless with your website and you haven’t even bothered to spend the time spell checking your own post before putting it online. That’s going to make them ask questions about the rest of your business. If you aren’t putting the effort into something so simple, how careless are you being with more important things like manufacturing products, or packaging them and shipping them?

Posting regular content is important but don’t fall into the trap of thinking that’s enough on its own. You need to make sure you’re posting good quality, well written content that is actually useful to customers. On top of that, it needs to be going out at the right time so people are actually seeing it.