Instagram is one of the most important social platforms we have around, and for business it has become a perfect place for marketing. Any marketer who has yet to start using Instagram is missing a lot and should try its rich features. Whether you are running the social media campaigns of a small enterprise or an established company, you need to focus on the benefits of Instagram comments. Engagement is key on the platform and helps to give you feedback about your content.

Instagram comments are an important part of your Instagram promotion, here is why.

A sign of popularity

Channels on Instagram that have many comments on their photos are among the most popular and it shows good engagement. If you are uploading photos and not getting any comments despite having a huge following on Instagram, you should probably rethink your strategy and come up with more engaging and insightful content.

More comments on your Instagram channel is a sign the brand has built popularity, mainly because of posting interesting content that many people love. While looking for an influencer to promote your brand, this is one of the parameters that should count as it shows a rich community that can be converted to buy your products. That is why influencers running Instagram channels strive to share interesting content all the time to keep their audience lively.

Gain the trust of brands

If you are an influencer who would like to work with brands by promoting their products, you need to work on the quality of your content and engage your audience in an interesting way. Brands these days are careful about hiring influencers who will drive meaningful results, and one of the pointers that will tell them whether you are the right choice is Instagram comments. Take a case where you have an Instagram channel that has a million followers but all your photos have less than 100 comments and likes. That is a sign the audience may not be real and it will definitely not be a good idea to choose an influencer with such metrics. You need to work on building a rich network of real users so when you share content they are able to share feedback.

Audience engagement shows trust

Still on getting brands to market through your channel, most of them will consider audience engagement as one of the factors that help to determine their action. Comments show that your audience is responsive and trusts your channel and the content you share is meaningful and relevant. A lot of engagement shows that the followers on the Instagram channel are real and are people who are interested in the things you offer, so it becomes easy to convince brands that you have the best platform for marketing. Every brand wants to hire an influencer who has maintained a positive relationship with the people that follow their channel.

Should you then buy comments?

Now that you have discovered Instagram comments is one of the metrics that is used to judge the popularity of your channel, you might be thinking that the next step is to buy comments. If you cannot get comments naturally, buying comments could mean you will be getting comments from services that will either use fake profiles or bots, and this will not amount to natural engagement. That means all brands that place their promotion through your channel will not get value for their money because the audience is not real. It is a good way to cheat marketers, but results on their end will expose you as a scammer, something that will possibly damage the reputation of your channel.

So, how can you drive engagement naturally?

Instead of buying fake Instagram comments, you should work on driving engagement naturally. This is a process and you can achieve a lot when you understand how to go about it. What you need to do is change your content sharing strategy by incorporating high quality content that many people would love to see. Take high quality photos and invest in editing to make the content better.

As one of the biggest social platforms, Instagram has attracted marketers and businesses. Engagement on Instagram is a key factor that shows how people are responding to the effort made by the brand, and that is why you should work on delivering high quality content. Get followers naturally and share with them the most unique content so as to raise engagement and boost the performance of your campaigns.