Getting organic traffic from search engines can be a race as you compete with other business to get to the top spot. Ranking high in the search results of search engines is the best way to get organic traffic to your website. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to ensure you rank high.

If an SEO agency promises you amazing results overnight, be wary of them. You have every reason to be. To get the most out of search engine optimization you or your SEO agency need to be constantly on top of things by doing thorough keyword research, marketing content, and building links. Oftentimes, it’s a race where you move up and down between rankings. You can’t relax when you are at the top as others will take over just as you let your guard down and relax. This is where having an SEO agency that knows what they are doing at your disposal can help.

Keyword Research

Keywords can make or break your SEO efforts. Don’t make the mistake of basing your keyword research on search volumes. The broader your keywords, the harder it is to move up in rankings. You are less likely to get many conversions from broader keywords.

You have to fine-tune your keywords to target your audiences specifically to maximize potential conversions. You need to focus on keywords that a potential consumer is likely to search for when they are looking for the products or services you offer.


First and foremost your website needs to load fast. This is a fundamental issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. The longer it takes your website to load the more of a chance that this will affect your rankings in a negative way. This can be easily addressed with choosing the right web hosting provider and optimizing your website images and JavaScript code.

This also applies for all devices including mobile and desktop computers. Recently Google started emphasizing on AMP pages importance so you should definitely consider making your website as fast as possible.

On-Page SEO & Local SEO

Your on-page SEO can be a huge determining factor when it comes to getting you to rank high. Local businesses often ignore on-page SEO, but they’ll lose potential conversions by doing so. Nowadays everyone is using search engines for everything, including to look up on local products or services. Usually, an SEO agency is well-equipped to cater to your on-page SEO needs by taking care of search engine friendly URLs, quality outbound links, crafting a most yielding title and description, optimize headings, and ensure your website loads fast.

New strategies are evolving all the time. There is a trick to get more organic traffic to your websites even when backlinks, on-page SEO, or social media sharing are lacking. Search engines like Google also take into account your click-through rate to determine where you rank on the first page. It tells Google that people want to see your website in the results and rank it higher. Title and description have a huge impact on click-through rate which affects your ranking. Another method to attract more traffic is to use “power words” – these are words that evoke emotion in your audience and captivate them.

Just like how some local businesses get sloppy with on-page SEO. A lot of business fail to optimize their SEO efforts to rank higher in local results. Rankings Magic is an example of some of the agencies you could go to when looking for more information on On-Page SEO. To get most out of your SEO efforts you need an agency that knows how to get you to rank high in local map rankings.


Your website content plays a huge role in ranking your website. Google ranks websites that have frequent fresh content. Blogging is a good way to add that to your website.

Moreover, blogging can be a great way for businesses to interact with their audience right from their website outside social media or email marketing. Moreover, every new post gives you the opportunity to spread it through your social media garnering more traffic.

Link Building

The key rule to follow with link building is to focus on quality over quantity. Search engines like Google rank websites with the low-quality links not relevant to their products or services lower.

For those who do not already know, link building only works in your favor if the links used are of high-quality. Examples of high-quality links are those leading to authority websites such as government agency websites and sites of other internationally recognized bodies.


You need to be on the constant lookout to ensure your traffic get the most conversations. If your keywords are not doing well, then it’s time to adapt. Traffic sources will help you determine which backlinks are being effective.

This is where analytics can help you oversee your website traffic. Through these strategies, you can ensure the most conversions.

These tips will surely help you improve your SEO efforts. However, if you want to have your SEO campaign professionally managed and help your business grow, an SEO agency is the best way to go than doing it all on your own. They will provide you with solutions that best fit your business.