Client feedback is an essential part of any business model. Feedback is typically used to gauge the pro’s and con’s of the customer experience and can be used to improve the customer experience for the future of the business.

There are several different kinds of feedback. For example, “Consumer Feedback” is feedback from the consumer about a product or service of a company. This type of feedback can be especially helpful and used to improve and enhance the productivity of the company.

Feedback is extremely important for a business to maintain the quality of their product or service. If you are wondering about the importance of client feedback, here are two reasons to help you understand its significance.

Feedback Makes Your Client Feel Valued

It is extremely important to satisfy your clients.

Asking your clients for their feedback can make them feel truly invested in the organization. It gives them a sense of belonging. This sense of being valued and importance motivates them to stay loyal to your company.

Loyalty is extremely important – not only help to retain customers – but also helps bring new customers.

It Can Be Used To Improve Performance and Growth

Feedback can be used to improve the quality of your services and products. Let’s say you sell name necklaces. Your buyers can share their experience of the product related to its price, appearance, durability etc. You can then use this feedback to improve the product, in this case, necklaces. For example, if they don’t like the appearance, you can bring some design changes to make it more attractive to your customer base. This can, in turn, help your product find a bigger and more suitable audience.

Since we have established the importance of feedback, here are six ways to receive feedback.

Feedback Through Online Surveys

This is the easiest way to get feedback. Assuming you are selling online, your customers would already be on the web. You can forward them to a survey page to know about their experience.

Other than this, you can also use survey platforms such as Qualaroo and SurveyMonkey.

Feedback Through Website User Activity

Your website analytics can tell you a lot about your customers and their experience without you having to expressly ask for it.

For example, if the bounce rate is very high, it means your website lacks the ability to retain customers and they simply move to other sites instead of browsing yours. You can use this data to bring changes to your site to be better able to retain customers, longer.

Feedback Through Emails

Another way to get a feedback is through directly emailing your customers and asking for their feedback. Make sure that your email is constructive and makes your customer feel that their concerns will not be disregarded.

You can use email software to send bulk emails to your clients. Be sure to have an autoresponder in place as well to thank them for their time and efforts.

Social Media

Most social media websites such as Facebook and Instagram have a polling feature which can be used to collect feedback. This allows you to create a solid social media presence and use the platform it to gather customer feedback. At times, you will not even have to expressly ask for it. They can provide you with their feedback via likes, comments, and shares.

For example, if you run a fashion designing company, the number of shares a new outfit gets can help you gauge how popular it is.

Customer Interviews

Speak to your customer directly and know what they think of your business. This kind of feedback is more helpful as you directly get to talk to them and understand their concerns.

You can write to your customers, give them a call, or schedule a face-to-face meeting to understand their concerns.

Comment Boxes

Consider inserting comment boxes on your webpage to get your customers to leave their response. Platforms such as KissMetric can be used for this job.

How to Prepare the Right Survey

It is very important to know what to ask your customers. If you bombard them with questions, chances are they will not respond at all.

Remember these simple rules:

  • Keep questions at a minimum
  • Make sure to ask relevant questions only
  • Give options to choose from
  • Do not ask for personal details
  • Use simple language

Feedback can be effectively used to make significant improvements in your services and products. Follow the tips given in this article to start collecting valuable feedback today.