If you’re interested in trying to make your office work a little more organized and put-together, there are lots of great things you can try. Your office space is fundamental to the success of your business and an integral aspect of your productivity. It is important that your workspace is a place that you feel organized and productive.

Here are some options to better organize your office environment:

Memo Board

If you feel as if you always end up forgetting things and your office is in need of a memo board to place important notes, a grid rack can be the perfect object for you to use. Take a mini grid rack and spray paint it whatever color you like. It could be gold, copper, red, blue….get creative, it is your workspace after all. Once it is dry, you can hang it up on the wall in your office and purchase some mini clothes pegs to use on it. You can hang news, notes, ideas, or pictures for an inspirational office feature.

Phone Station

Rather than having a phone in a random spot in your office, you are better off having one person who is tasked with answering the phones for you and sending messages on. You can create a desk station for your phone and this will be a nice addition to your space. Or, if you would prefer to avoid the phones you could get a virtual office address and a reception service to help you manage your incoming messages and provide more efficient workflow.

Drawer Dividers

If you have large cupboards or drawers which are messy and in need of some serious organization, one option is to purchase dividers for your drawers. These dividers are easily found at any office supply store and can be used to efficiently organize desk drawers or other drawers around the office.

In Tray, Out Tray

If you always seem to have a big pile of paperwork to deal with in your drawers the best thing you can think about doing is to have a tray for jobs which come in and a tray for things you need to send out or pass on to someone else. This way, you will always be aware of where you stand and you can ensure you will stay on track with the work you are doing. It can make a massive difference and will save you having to trawl through piles and piles of paper to find what you need.

Your office environment is a key component to your overall productivity. Use these organizational tips and tricks to ensure an efficient workflow for your business.