The new Instagram algorithm received a lot of attention, due to the level of curiosity everyone had about how it will affect their reach on Instagram. Myths like shadowbanning, which meant that the new Instagram algorithm hides certain posts, were the talk for quite some time.

However, Instagram cleared the air on this topic by holding a press conference where they came forth about the new changes. Let’s have a look at the factors influencing the new Instagram algorithm and how they affect engagement.

Factors That Influence The New Instagram Algorithm!

Here are some factors that you should be watching out for to keep your Instagram engagement high!

1. Interest:

Instagram will gauge the level of interest of each user and predict what they would like to see, based on their past behavior. With the help of machine learning, a user will be more likely to see more of what they find appealing.

For example, if you often indulge in photos of food on Instagram, your feed will be full of some amazing photos of different accounts related to food!

For social media managers and influencers, it means that you need to stick to creating meaningful content that pertains to your business or your niche. This will ensure more engagement from your followers and increases the chances of getting on the ‘explore’ page.

2. Recency:

Users will not be shown posts according to the chronological order, but according to recency.

It will show you the moments you care about the most first. Posts which are recent, less than a week old, will be featured at the top of people’s feed.

3. Relationships:

The more often you interact with a user, the more often you will see their posts.

If you already have a highly engaged following, you don’t need to worry about your posts disappearing from people’s feeds. If your followers are regularly interacting with your posts, Instagram will take note and will prioritize your posts in their feed, making them even more prominent.

This will ensure that the set of followers who really care about your brand will actually be shown your posts. Users who interact with you less or will rarely see fewer of your posts according to the new algorithm.

4. Frequency:

The new Instagram algorithm will entail different explore sections for each user, depending upon what they like to see the most. Also, the more of times you open the app, the more often your feed will be refreshed.

5. Following:

The more accounts you are following, the more options Instagram has to show you. So you may see less of a specific account.

6. Usage:

The posts that you see will be determined by the time you spend scrolling on the app. Shorter periods will result in you seeing only the best posts as opposed to a wider variety.

Steps To Combat The New Instagram Algorithm!

The new algorithm had everyone fretting over reduced engagement on their Instagram accounts. But, there are some proven ways to help combat the side effects and stay on top of your game, as far as Instagram is concerned.

1. Use All New Features:

It’s that simple! You need to take advantage of all the features that Instagram has to offer and experiment with them. Posting photos are just one part of Instagram. Try out other methods to stay active such as:

  • Instagram Stories — create your own and share other account stories too.
  • Follow Hashtags.
  • Like and comment on photos.
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Let Instagram know you are active and alive, with meaningful content. This will help encourage Instagram to promote your account more.

2. Create Relationships:

Creating relationships is important, in the Instagram world too. Your Instagram followers are there to support you and your content, so you should show them support back.

  • Respond to questions. Reply to every comment. It shows that you care about the community and are interested in the conversations. Not just your own account, stay on top of other popular accounts too.
  • Keep an eye on what other people in your industry post about, and be sure to like and comment on their posts. You can search for hashtags relevant to your own account and interact with those posts as well.

3. Use Kicksta:

Kicksta is an Instagram marketing service that can help you connect with real followers on Instagram. Keep your engagement up by widening your reach and exposure, and constantly interacting with new users.

The new Instagram algorithm will continue changing, with new adjustments being made every now and then. You must be patient, and flexible, and learn how to use it to your advantage!