Attracting followers to Instagram is expensive and routine work, though it can be equally as rewarding. Fortunately, there are tools that enable the automation of the promotion. This article is devoted to basic tactics that will help you automate the work using free or low-cost services, make your account popular and gain thousands of followers that you can convert to customers. 

Scheduled Posting

If you can automate the task – do it! Free your time and brain for strategic issues. Spend a couple of hours and plan posts for an Instagram account a month in advance, so as not to be distracted every day. And delegate the task to an automation service. Moreover, there is a sense of taking into account that Instagram users are on the platform from mobile phones. It means that they tend to use it all the time. So there is no exact day and time for posting, but there are some peculiarities for each sphere. For instance, for Media companies, it is 9AM, 12PM, and 3PM, for Healthcare it is 10AM and 2PM.

So, if you appreciate your time, it’s quite reasonable to consider the usage of Instagram automation tools for those purposes.

Hashtag Search

To draw attention to the account and increase its visibility, it is not enough just to put a lot of senseless hashtags under every post. First, hashtags must be popular, but not beyond measure. If you use cliched hashtags it won’t bring you any benefits because they will be buried under the huge stream of similar posts, and vice versa, usage of rare hashtags is quite a senseless idea as well. Use niche hashtags and a couple of popular ones.

The best solution, in this case, is to integrate an Instagram Hashtag Generator in this process. This cutting-edge tool will come up with pertinent hashtags in seconds thanks to algorithms implying Artificial Intelligence. That way, you can enjoy the possibility to delegate another task to automated tools and free yourself of routine work. Several hashtag generators offer hashtags search by a photo, URL and keyword.

For example, for an online store of shoes, thanks to hashtag generator we receive the following hashtags to add to our post:  #fashion #sneakers #heels #shoesaddict #shoes #shoestyle.

Account Growth

An account needs to be developed organically, without the use of mass followers and fake accounts. Nobody likes spammers. Therefore, follow the accounts that are close to your mindset and general topics so that they will be engaged by your content. Likes to other posts also can bring you new followers, fans and possible clients.

However, it’s long and tedious to follow, unfollow and like manually. Instagram automated tools “know” how to find a suitable audience for your account: by geolocation and keywords, gender, hashtags, gender, according to lists made by you. So you don’t have to worry about setting an accurate target anymore, just commit the task to an automation tool, but first, point out the details that are prominent to your marketing strategy.

Comment Tracking

Dozens of notifications about comments, likes, and new followers come from popular and active Instagram accounts per day. In order not to miss important comments (for example, with a question about a product, or a negative comment that needs to be neutralized as soon as possible), use automation tools. It can send alerts to your inbox so you will always be aware of what is happening on your account. Automated comment tracking ensures your operational reactive actions.

Statistics Moderating

The constant online analytical process is vital for every promotion campaign. You should track general statistics like an audience with distribution by sex and age, coverage and views, profile views, clicks on the link), your posts statistics, the number of follows/unfollows. Some services offer a convenient tool with an appealing interface by means of which you can monitor all the activity rates of your account or accounts.

The only stumbling block here is to interpret these indexes right and develop or upgrade your strategy in accordance with them.

There are tons of various automation tools like Ingramer, for example. Some of them are more advanced and reliable than others. Some of them are notable for a more decent operational speed and higher performance rate, others  – for a number of functions presented. So, it’s of special importance to pay attention to the index of performance while choosing a particular automation tool.


Promoting your account on a social network is not an easy task. Programmers and developers have designed Instagram automation tools for SMM specialists and general users that facilitate fast and productive work. With the help of these services you automate routine processes and get an opportunity to uplevel your promotion strategy. So, keep up with the time, make your life easier with automation tools!