Growth hacking is an effective marketing strategy that any business can benefit from. It’s a relatively new approach that is just beginning to gain popularity.

A growth hacking agency will help its clients maximize their ROI using various methods. Any entrepreneur or business owner, however, can implement these strategies to grow their own business. Read on to learn how you can apply growth hacking to your business.

What is Growth Hacking?

The definition of growth hacking lies in its very name. For one, the strategy’s main goal is growth. Growth hackers are focused on making sure a business not only has a steady client base but is also bringing in new customers.

According to growth hackers, for a business to be successful, they must constantly be growing. Traditional marketing uses effective tools, but it isn’t always focused on solely attracting new customers. Growth hacking is an approach where growth is the sole desired outcome. 

The “hacking” in growth hacking refers to how optimal results are achieved. A “hack” is typically regarded as a shortcut and often involves the use of modern technology. Growth hacking aims to increase the customer base as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What Are the Best Growth Hacking Strategies?


Like with other marketing approaches, growth hacking uses a variety of strategies to achieve results. Some of the most common ones you can easily incorporate into your business include:

Introduce a Referral System  

If you have the resources available, it is worth implementing a referral system. Offer your current clients the opportunity to receive a special perk if they refer a friend to your company. You should also the perk to the friend as an incentive for using your company.

It might seem like you are losing resources using this strategy, but think about it this way: You are doubling your customer base. Your current customers are essentially doing the work for you by bringing in new customers. Additionally, by giving out perks, you are encouraging new and old customers alike to stick with your company and refer you to others.

Create a Sense of Urgency

If customers feel that a product or sale is only available for a limited time, they’ll be more likely to take action. If you implement this strategy, make sure that you target the right audience. After all, people will only buy your product if it’s something they actually want.

Recognize FOMO

FOMO (fear of missing out) is real. Many companies have successfully used people’s FOMO to build their businesses. The more exclusive your product is, the more customers are going to want it. By making your product seem unique and hard-to-get, you will attract new customers in no time.

Build Trust

People will only trust your company if you build and maintain a good reputation. Make sure that you are consistently delivering quality products. Additionally, incorporate your customers’ feedback. Consumers appreciate when companies take their wants and opinions into consideration.

Understand Your Customers

In addition to listening to customer feedback, you should do further research on your audience. What are they looking for in your kind of products or services? Remember that you are trying to bring in new customers as well as keeping old ones. You can’t do this without fully understanding who you are trying to market to.

Taking Charge of Your Own Marketing Strategies

As previously mentioned, there are growth hacking agencies out there that will help you build your business. If you’re looking to save money or take control of your own marketing, these are just a few tips you can use to effectively grow as a business owner.