Social media marketing is something that has rampantly grown in recent years. Many businesses depend heavily on social media for channeling of their products and services. If it wouldn’t have been for social platforms, many businesses would have never been known to the world. The power of social media can be realized from the fact that businesses are spending lots of money on social media advertising to promote their businesses.

However, before we discuss anything in detail, let’s discuss 5 reasons why social media advertising is the lifeline of your business:

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Magnified Reach

Every business has the intention of magnifying the reach of its product and service. With conventional techniques, one cannot reach as wide of an audience as they can with the digital medium. We live in a world where technology has completely encapsulated our lives. This means that everyone will check everything on their phones and handy gadgets. A well thought out social media campaign can take a business product or service’s reach from zero to millions of customers within a short amount of time. This, in turn, means that a business will have boosted several sales in the long run.

Improved Brand Awareness

To increase business visibility, it is very imperative to use social media in the best possible way. This is because this platform is stress-free, and there is no need to worry about the legal procedures that are involved when it comes to local marketing. To penetrate the commercial market, it is very crucial that you build up social media profiles of your business. If social media is not used, then a business will take a lot of time to reach out to its customers. After using social media, around 91% of marketers claimed to have an increase in brand awareness fast. Many companies provide social media marketing and management services at affordable prices. If you’re a startup, then it is imperative to consult professional help.

Cost Effective

Social media advertising is the most cost-effective method for businesses to sell their products and services. Most social media platforms are free of cost, which is why there is no need to worry about registration. Along with that if social media advertising is done perfectly with the right techniques, then organic reach will very likely increase as well.

However, if you want to run a paid campaign, they are not as expensive as you would imagine. A billboard in a commercial market might cost you millions of dollars, whereas a paid campaign on Facebook might only cost you around a thousand dollars and would make the business reach out to millions of people.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

The biggest benefit of the digital medium is that customer satisfaction can easily be improved. With social media platforms, people can give their reviews about a product or service and directly engage with the company. In previous years, it would take months for companies to return to their customers about the damage that was done. Moreover, many businesses choose to have social media marketers available on their social media pages who instantly reply to customers who post comments on the page.

Enhanced SEO rankings

This is perhaps the most important benefit of using social media. SEO plays a very important role in uplifting the business image in search engine rankings. With social media in place, companies can seamlessly share their content and blogs. Many business websites have links to their social media pages, which in turn magnifies the reach of the business. Companies that use social media are directly sending good signals to search engines that talk about a business’s integrity and veracity.


If you’re a startup or a business that hasn’t established a social media presence yet, it is very crucial to make some wise choices now. The digital medium is the future of businesses, which is why it becomes very important to establish an effective presence on it.