Although it’s the most popular social media platform based on engagement, it can be difficult to earn a base for your brand on Instagram. That’s not to say you aren’t trying, but there are strategies you might be missing that will help you remain competitive. With a few simple adjustments to your marketing strategy for Instagram, you can not only start seeing more engagement but also grow your influence, creating a foundation for your business.

Figure Out Who Your Audience Is

When marketers are struggling with engagement, it’s often because they aren’t targeting their ideal demographic. Especially for those who sell goods online, there can be a massive potential in your Instagram marketing beyond your peers or those in your immediate stratosphere. As noted by Omnicore Agency, only 110 million of Instagram’s users are in the US, which means there’s an enormous market out there. However, finding these people starts with targeted research.

Beginning with users you know are engaging with your platform, start looking through posts they’re liking, examining what hashtags, geotags, or accounts are attributed to that content. From there, look at global trends for those tags, using a tool like Keyword Planner on Google. Even if your focus is local, the goal is to find people who not only want your services but are also interested in following the content you produce.

Know What Type of Content They’re After

There’s a fine balance between knowing what’s going to work for content versus bringing fresh and original materials to the table. While no one is expecting your business to be groundbreaking, they are expecting you to be authentic and organic. A 2016 survey found that 94 percent of consumers are likely to be loyal to a brand when it is committed to full transparency. After all, it’s comforting to eat at a restaurant that’s not afraid to show you their kitchen.

Brand transparency doesn’t just involve giving a behind the scenes look. You can showcase transparency in other ways as well, such as getting involved with a cause your brand genuinely believes in or giving back to the community. People often view your brand on Instagram like any other person, which means they have the same expectations when it comes to the content that’s being produced. The biggest takeaway is that to be successful with content, you should make your brand more human, highlighting core values and using them as a foundation for your stories.

Up Your Video Skills

With an idea in mind of the type of content you need to be producing, you also need to deliver it in the medium that everyone’s after. All of us love watching videos on Instagram, which the stats reflect; video receives 38 percent more engagement than image posts. Although creating videos can sound intimidating, with the right tools and process, it’ll be like writing any other article.

When looking at your content calendar, ask yourself what content could become a video. Even if it’s a video style you’ve shot before, it’s wise to map a storyboard for each shot, making production more efficient because you’re only shooting what you need. Don’t get expensive equipment or software at the beginning; it’s easier to shoot with a smartphone and use any of the best free video editing software online to perfect it.

Work With The Proper Partners For Content

Now that we have the right content, medium, and audience, it’s time to expand into letting others do the work on promoting and increasing engagement. Influencer marketing has been all the rage for marketers the past few years, and it’s easy to see why. Not only can you specifically target those that are going to be the best fit for your brand, but do so at a price point that is affordable within your budget. 84 percent of micro-influencers cost less than $250 per post and are easier to find than you might think.

Regardless of follower count, create a list of people you consider influential in your community. When writing to them, make sure to keep that message in mind, highlighting not only what you find special about their brand, but also the value you bring to this partnership. The latter is going to be especially crucial to them because while the money might be nice, they also are going to want more of a mutual benefit beyond the finances. If successful, partnering with influencers on your social content can be a great way to bolster your following in no time.

What are some strategies you’ve used to increase engagement within your base on Instagram? Comment with your insights below!