If you want to establish your brand as an authority in your industry, then you need to start using videos.

According to a recent study by Lightricks, “82% of buyers are encouraged to take action after watching a video by a business.”

The figure is a dead giveaway of how powerful videos can be for businesses.

Not only are videos great for capturing your audiences’ attention and keeping them hooked into consuming your content, but, as the data shows, videos are also great for influencing your audience to take action on your offers.

The problem is, not every small business can afford buying fancy equipment and hire an expert to film and do the editing work. Moreover, there are so many trends to keep with on social media, that you don’t always know if what you’re doing is right.

In this guide, we’re going to talk about the VideoBoost app — an easy-to-use (yet, powerful) video maker app that small business owners can use to create stunning videos that are relevant to current marketing trends.

If you’re looking to start using videos to market your small business aggressively, then you need to continue reading.

Overview of the VideoBoost app

VideoBoost is the only video maker app that has features and templates created specifically with social media best practices in mind.

The app is intuitive, clutter-free, and very easy to use. It is perfect for creating video ads, tutorials, and tips, among other things.

During this time of writing, the app now has a 5.6k rating in the App Store, with the majority of the ratings being 5-star reviews.

(VideoBoost is available only in the App Store.)

Key Features of VideoBoost

To give you a better idea of how the video maker app works, let’s look into the app’s key features:

Professional-looking templates and formatting capabilities

After creating an account and signing in, the first thing that you need to do in VideoBoost is to select a video template.

With the help of templates, you won’t have to create your videos from scratch — allowing you to churn out professional-looking videos in a matter of minutes, or seconds, even

The best part is, VideoBoost has a myriad of attractive templates that you can choose from.

As you can see on the upper part of the page, VideoBoost categorized their video templates to make it easier for their users to find the perfect template for their industry.

Supposing you’re in the real estate industry. You can click the “Real Estate” category so you can start seeing templates that are highly relevant to your niche.

You can also choose the right format so your videos’ are optimized based on the social media platform that you’ll post them on.

Quick video editor

After selecting a template, you can start editing your videos.

VideoBoost’s video editor is very easy to understand, making it perfect for small business owners, solopreneurs, or influencers who haven’t undergone any formal video creation training.

Right below the video preview or the clip, you can see icons or functions that you can use to edit the premade video template.

As you click any of the icons, you will be taken to another page where you can see more editing/formatting features.

I clicked on the “Scene” icon. This is what you’ll see.

On this page, you can start adding or removing scenes from your videos.

You can also add filters to your videos by clicking a clip then selecting the “Filter” feature.

These are some of the filters available in the video maker app.

VideoBoost also has a library of premium photos and videos (from Getty Images) that you can choose from so you can customize your videos and create something that resonates with your brand.

The platform also has trim & fit capabilities, you can replace the music, edit the text, and change the color theme of some sections of your videos, among other features.

Pre-set marketing copy

One of the challenges business owners face when creating videos is they don’t know what marketing copy to add.

VideoBoost’s templates, however, have pre-set marketing copies that business owners can use right off the bat. Of course, they can also opt to tweak the copy to make sure it fully aligns with their brand messaging and marketing goals.

After tweaking the copy and adding their brand logo, the video is pretty much good to go.

Saved Projects

In case something comes up and you’d have to close the app while in the middle of editing your video, you can save your work so you can get back to it later.

Once you save your video, it will appear on the “Your Projects” page, which you can access from the homepage.

To help you get better results out of your video marketing campaigns. You can run split tests.

You can use VideoBoost’s duplicate feature to create two versions of your video. You can then start tweaking the parts of your video that you’d like to split test.

These are some of the most crucial parts of a video that seasoned marketers split test:

  • Headline. There are a couple of things that you can add to your headlines to make it eye-catching. Some of the most effective angles that you can add are your audiences’ pain points or the benefits or primary features of your product.
  • Offer. To figure out what offers would resonate best with your audience, you can visit forums, run surveys/polls, or benchmark on your competitors’ offers.
  • Thumbnails. Make your thumbnails pop. Avoid using thumbnails that blend with the background color of the social media site that you’ll use. A couple of other things that you can do is add a red border to your thumbnail (or any color that will make the thumbnail “pop”), you can also add words or doodles.
  • Copy. To increase your audience engagement, you can add questions in your video. Ask them things like “What’s your ideal travel destination?” or “What’s the one problem you’re struggling with as an entrepreneur?”

By adding questions in your videos, your audience will have a clear idea of what to do immediately after watching — instead of them clicking away without doing anything at all.

Pricing and plans

VideoBoost is completely free to download from the App Store and has everything listed on this review for free, including free to use templates and features to create your video.

Additional in app purchases are available via a subscription-based model, which unlock more premium features and major discounts on stock footage.

What’s next?

Aside from using the VideoBoost video maker app to create stunning videos in minutes, what are some of the best video marketing strategies you can share with our community?

If you have tricks up your sleeve to help small businesses with their video marketing campaigns, please share them in the comments section below. Cheers!