As more people use smartphones and tablets than ever before, mobile marketing has become the number one way to reach your target audience. While digital marketing has increased as a whole, it is mobile marketing that is the top choice for professional marketers and growing businesses. 

With the ability to increase brand awareness, facilitate engagement and even generate sales, mobile marketing can transform your business performance. As more companies begin to reap the benefits of mobile marketing, it’s important to understand why it’s so important in today’s digital landscape. 

Connecting with your target market

When accessing the internet, more people use tablets and smartphones than laptops and desktop PCs. Crucially, the use of mobile devices has grown across all demographics. This means that you can connect with your target audience via mobile marketing, regardless of what products or services you offer. 

With targeted advertising, you can hone your campaigns to improve results. Unlike traditional advertising, targeted marketing allows you to put your content in front of the specific demographic you’re aiming to attract. The prevalence of user data makes it easy for businesses to segment users and issue marketing content accordingly. This gives you fast-track to your target market and enables you to connect with them more easily and more meaningfully.

Faster speeds

As well as having access to Wi-Fi, mobile devices facilitate internet access over cellular data too. With more consumers switching to low-cost data plans, like SMARTY mobile, they’re able to access as much content as they choose. For businesses, this increases the range of content that can be used in mobile marketing. 

With no restrictions in terms of image size, for example, you can use high-quality, high-resolution photographs and intricate logos to market your brand. Video marketing is becoming increasingly popular which complements mobile marketing perfectly. While data restrictions and slow loading speeds once made video mobile marketing unrealistic, the increased speeds and availability of data means users are spending more time watching marketing content on their mobile devices. 

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Increased engagement

As consumers, we’re used to being bombarded by marketing content. Every time we pass a billboard, visit a store or check our emails, we are exposed to some form of advertising. In many cases, we simply tune out the messages we’re receiving. For businesses, finding ways to overcome this obstacle is critical to marketing success. 

When it comes to mobile marketing, however, it’s far easier to grab the attention of users. In fact, it’s estimated that over 82% of people will view a text message within 5 minutes of receiving it. Unlike emails, which can simply be diverted to spam folders without opening them, users almost always open a text. 

Of course, it isn’t just text messages that generate this level of engagement. App notifications, alerts and reminders provoke a high engagement rate too. This is hard – if not impossible – to replicate in other formats. Due to this, mobile marketing is a top priority for any businesses that want to increase engagement within its target demographic. 

Accurate location-based content

People tend to carry their smartphones with them wherever they go, which means your marketing content can reach them at all times. Location-based searches are rising in popularity as the accuracy of data becomes more reliable than ever before. 

Currently, 46% of all searches on Google are for local information and 72% of local searches lead to in-store visits within a 5-mile radius. When people are out and about, it’s their mobile device that they’re using to search for local information. It follows, therefore, that marketing via mobile devices is the best way to reach users who are conducting local searches. 

Many businesses are already investing in ‘near-me’ searches but few are combining their efforts with mobile forms of marketing. By bringing these two elements together, you can significantly enhance the efficacy of your campaigns and watch your results soar. 

Better brand loyalty

Generating repeat sales should be the most cost-effective way for businesses to bring in income. Typically, your ROI increases if you can prolong a customer’s lifecycle value and persuade them to engage with your brand repeatedly. To do this, you need to foster brand loyalty. 

Mobile marketing is an extremely effective way to achieve this. Launching a branded app gives you a direct way to release mobile marketing content and can even be used to process sales. In addition to this, an app can be used to reward customer loyalty and incentivize users to make repeated purchases. 

With the potential to launch mobile communities and grant VIP access to loyal customers, you can create a following from app usage alone. If you want a direct line to new and existing customers, mobile app marketing is the way to do it.

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Fewer distractions

When users search for your brand online, competing companies will have their ads popping up right next to your own URL. If you use a billboard for offline advertising, you’ll be jostling for space alongside other businesses. With mobile marketing, however, you have the user’s full attention. 

Following an alert or text message notification, users simply have to click straight on it to be taken to your marketing content. With no competing ads or open tabs to distract them, users are focusing solely on your message. 

Of course, this enables you to project your message with more accuracy and more impact. With users less likely to be distracted, you can look forward to higher click-through rates and, ultimately, conversion rate optimization. 

Boosting your Business with Mobile Marketing

Whether you’re a new enterprise or a growing business, mobile marketing can propel your company to the next level. No matter what industry you operate in, mobile marketing gives you the opportunity to reach your target audience quickly and effectively. 

Furthermore, the range of formats which can be used on mobile devices enables you to be as creative as you like with your content. From text and images to video, gifs and memes; there are endless ways to promote your brand with mobile marketing. 

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