Team chemistry might not be an easily definable metric, but it’s essential to business success all the same. Indeed, it’s no surprise that companies benefit massively when their employees get along and understand how to collaborate effectively with each other.

Yet, as experienced business leaders can attest, getting team members to work together is easier said than done. With that in mind, today we’re going to focus on one of the most important aspects of any business –– the marketing department. Here are three tips business owners and managers can use to get the most from their marketing team: 

Set Collaborative Goals

In order to get everyone on your team pulling in the right direction, it’s important to give them a goal or goals that they can all work toward. These can be large, overarching targets that may take months or years to reach, or they could be more manageable assignments that only last a week or so. Nevertheless, business leaders should make sure that everyone on the marketing team has a hand in meeting the goal. What’s more, let your team share in the reward after completion. This will engender goodwill and motivate your staff to keep up the good work. 

Invest in Remote Tech

Millions of employees work remotely or from home offices at least some of the time. This means that many business leaders may have to manage team members who don’t interact in person very often –– if at all. As such, it’s a wise play for progressive business owners to invest in remote technology, like headphones, chat platforms, and video conferencing equipment, to ensure that everyone on staff can communicate quickly and accurately. The last thing that growing businesses can afford is a big marketing mistake that stems from a communication breakdown.  

Prioritize Recruitment & Development

Hiring the right person for a job opening is about more than finding someone who has the requisite experience or qualifications. Those things are important, for sure, but it’s also vital for business leaders to recruit team members who have the right disposition and work ethic to succeed. Indeed, it’s crucial that all new employees embrace company culture and have a good rapport with their team members. In addition, business leaders must also make employee development a priority. Collaboration is a skill like anything else, so allowing employees to practice collaboration through soft skills training courses just makes sense. 


Improving internal collaboration between marketers isn’t easy, but it will offer your organization a serious fillip. Remember, marketing is a diverse field, so it’s imperative that marketers with different abilities understand how to work well together.