Getting new clients for your coaching service isn’t easy. You need to promote your business to find and attract them. There are plenty of marketing techniques you can use to achieve your goal, but nothing beats social media.


Because it connects you with your target audience almost immediately. There will be 3 billion social network users worldwide by the end of 2020. It’s highly likely that your potential clients are using one or more social networks. 

Before we dive into the power of social media, you might want to take a look at this complete A-Z marketing guide on how to get more coaching clients in 2020, which breaks down the most efficient online AND offline coaching marketing strategies that are being used nowadays. Add social media on top of that and boom – you’re all set.

Find the Right Social Network

Not all social networks are equal. LinkedIn, for instance, is mostly used by businesses and recruiters, Instagram by millennials, and Twitter by professionals. You must find the appropriate social network where your potential coaching clients hang out. You don’t have to be on every social network rather you should focus on a few social networks to begin with.

According to a survey by UTA Brand Studio, US adults were asked to choose social networks they depend on and can’t live without. Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube were the top three social networks people depend on:

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These three are the social networks that you should use to get more coaching clients. But relying on surveys and industry reports is enough?

Not likely.

Enter BuzzSumo.

It lets you find audience engagement on each social network. Enter one of the primary keywords that’s relevant to your target clients. For instance, if you are a marketing automation coach, you need to run a query for “marketing automation” on BuzzSumo. It will show you content engagement on social networks for the keyword:

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You can identify top social networks for any keyword, and this will show you what social networks will work best for you. You can enter a competitor’s URL or your own URL to check its engagement on social networks.

Create and Optimize Your Profile

After you have identified top social networks that your target clients use, you need to create your profile on each of them. This is something obvious.

But creating business profiles isn’t enough, you need to optimize them.

Optimization means your profile should contain all the information about you, your business, your website, contact details, and more. For instance, when you create a Facebook Page, you get a chance to add all the details about your business including website, address, phone number, opening and closing hours, and even CTA.

Of course, this varies from network to network. Here are a few must-haves for optimizing your profile on any social networking website:

  1. Create a meaningful username that represents your coaching business or is at least relevant to it
  2. Add a clear picture
  3. Add a link to your coaching website or blog
  4. Add a description of your business

Post Consistently

Creating an account and profile optimization isn’t enough, social networking sites all about posting and sharing content that’s relevant and interesting. You have to publish new posts consistently.

There is always a right time to post on each social network. This means you can’t just publish your posts any time rather you have to schedule them using a social media management tool. This guide by Social Sprout is a must-read to figure out the best day and time to post on social networks.

Scheduling posts isn’t a big deal. You can publish posts on the right day and right time with a scheduling app like Buffer


Engaging with your followers, actively participating in discussions, responding to comments, using appropriate hashtags, liking and sharing other brands and businesses, running contests, etc. are all techniques to engage your audience on the social networks.

Publishing new content regularly at the right time doesn’t make you and your brand engaging. You have to connect with your followers and audience to get more coaching clients. The idea is to send traffic from the social networking sites to your landing page, and this will happen when your followers are highly engaged. Else, they won’t bother clicking any external links.

Run Social Ads

Organic reach on any social network is limited. Social ads let you quickly reach your target audience, and this is the best technique to get new coaching clients. You can run ads on all the leading social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and others.

It will cost you money to run an ad campaign to generate coaching leads for your business, but it is an investment that you will not regret. The best part: The ad campaign lets you reach your target audience by showing ads to the appropriate people.

It is recommended running an ad campaign for a few weeks to build your followers. Once you get a few thousand followers on any social network, it starts working on autopilot. New people like your page and connect with you on a daily basis when things start rolling.

Final Words

Social media is a powerful lead generation source for any business. If you know how to use a social network, getting new coaching clients becomes quite easy. Social media isn’t the only way to attract clients, there are several other ways to do it.

Reading all these and other techniques won’t help if you don’t implement them. There is a difference between what you know and what you do. Knowing isn’t enough, practically using these techniques is what’s essential. Get cracking now.

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