Due to the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses are suffering a decline in sales. As self-quarantining and forced quarantining occur across the country, fewer people are risking going outside to perform business transactions. However, they still rely on the services of those businesses. 

How can a business survive the pandemic? By effective marketing. Here are a few methods for marketing effectively through the COVID-19 pandemic:

1. Invest in TV Ads

If your business wasn’t already placing ads on the television, then now is the time. Because people are staying at home, they’re going to be watching more television. This gives you the perfect opportunity to promote your business.

With little else to distract them, they’re also more likely to pay attention to your commercial. To truly ensnare that service, you may want to market towards helping them through the pandemic. Perhaps you have a new service that allows people to contact your business or purchase your products electronically.

2. SMS Ads

Another great way to market during the pandemic is to try text message marketing options. People are more likely to respond to text messages than they are phone calls. Text messages allow them to view the message at their leisure, and it’s a way to reach customers while they remain stuck at home.

Your text message should be a quick sales pitch. Tell them the information that they need to know. Then include a link to your company’s service or your product page. With people paying close to attention to their phones for word on loved ones, you can be sure they’ll take notice of your ad, too.

3. Internet Ads

Besides watching TV, people are going to be scrolling through the internet as well. Social networking sites are likely going to see a large increase in use. It’s a safe place for people to interact without worrying about making each other sick. You need to place ads on those sites.

Even other websites could be useful. In particular, you’ll want to somehow link your business to the coronavirus, as a lot of people are likely trying to research it to see how it affects them.

4. Create Web Content

SEO has been vital for business success for the past 10 years and SEO for business in 2020 is no exception. Having a presence on the internet means you’re more likely to gain traffic from a larger population. With people regularly searching for information about the coronavirus, you’ll want to direct them towards your website.

You can do this by hiring writers to create blog content about the virus. There’s likely some way that they can link the virus with your business. Whether it’s a service or product that you’re selling, mentioning the virus will likely drive more traffic towards your website.

5. Place Ads on Song Websites

One last effective marketing option is placing an ad on music streaming services like Pandora and Spotify. Since people are working at home, they likely want to listen to music while they work. Most music streaming services have ads that run through them. If you want to reach those people working at home, then placing a few ads on sites like Spotify, YoutubeTV, Youtube Music, and Pandora are a sure hit.

Market Effectively

It’s still possible to bring new traffic to your business during the pandemic. Try these marketing strategies today and watch as your profits increase rather than decrease. Quick-thinking and adapting can make any business survive a pandemic like COVID-19.