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If you are as popular as Beyonce, you probably don’t need hashtags. Nevertheless, gaining authentic followers and reach on Instagram from scratch is straightforward if you use hashtags like a pro. Let me show you some metrics I achieved for my digital agency account thanks to hashtagging:

  • Posts reach boost by 125%
  • +45-70 new followers per day;
  • X3 more impressions. 

The tool I use is free, and you can make sure by visiting the Toolzu website. I should warn you – spammy hashtags like #followme won’t explode your account with true fans. You need to find hashtags that are niche via Instagram Hashtag generator. 

After 5 minutes of reading, you’ll discover how to find rare hashtags, combine them in the right proportion, and use extra Insta marketing tools. Let’s start! 

Instagram Hashtag Generator: The In-Depth Guide

Before studying this tutorial, mind – it’s super easy. In 5 minutes, you’ll become an expert. Just repeat every step after me. 

Step #1 Register on Toolzu

Open this Hashtag generator in a new tab of your browser. Enter your email and use all instruments free of charge for a week. I bet you won’t find better hashtag tools since Toolzu lists over 12 mln hashtags, it’s multi-language, AI-based and offers extended analytics on each tag. 

Step #2 Type your keys

Typewrite no more than 5 keywords referred to your niche/business/product. You can also search for Instagram hashtags without keys – I’ll explain how. 

Important – apply various keys for each service/product/location you work with.  As a digital marketing expert, I recommend you set aside keywords phrases for each new post or topic. For instance, I offer social media management, SEO, marketing research, and I type keys for every topic. Don’t use the same. 

Trick: add keys tied to the location where you offer services. My agency based in Virginia, so I apply 4-5 area-specific keys so that clients nearby view me in the Explore section and TOP.

Advanced AI-research of hashtags

I promised to show you how to explore hashtag with no single keyword. You only need:

  • A URL to an IG post. Just go to a post you’ve already uploaded, copy a link from the browser search bar, and paste it in the Hashtags finder. This tool scans the image, so it works better with the actual photo of your product, without a copy. 

  • A photo from your device. Likewise, you can submit an image from your PC or phone and get hashtags ready to copy. 

Now let’s figure out what hashtags and how many you need to copy. The random boxes checking won’t be effective, so read my next advice. 

Step #3 Proper combinations and proportion

As you see, Toolzu grouped hashtags according to the difficulty of getting to the Instagram TOP.  You should take advantage of this feature. 

  1. High difficulty hashtags – use no more than 3 per post. These hashtags are spammy, and if you open one of them, you assure that most of the content is irrelevant. People never start following them. These tags are very competitive, but we need them for a change. 
  1. Medium difficulty hashtags – use 7-13 per post. These tags are also rather hard to get to the TOP, but they are more specific. Your content can be in the viewable for a much longer time. Add them to your set. 
  1. Low hashtags – use 13-18 per post. Niche hashtags are the best to stick to the TOP. The target audience also starts following these tags because they show relevant results. That’s why we need most of this group. 

Check the boxes and paste the combination in the post caption or Word document. Never put hashtags in the comments, even if you miss a second between posting and hashtagging, you’ll lose engagement. 

Step #4 Generate 5-6 sets

As soon as you finished your first professional set, make more. The truth is it’s not good to use the same combination over and over again. You should switch up hashtags, add some new, remove the useless – that’s how you determine the best set. Experimenting is a must! 

I suggest that you list the hashtags group sorted by the key topics in a separate document or content plan. Doing this guarantee, you reach my results, or oven outbid me. 

Step #5 Measure the analytics

When setting up a business IG profile, the best thing you get is improved analytics. You can see how many unique accounts reached your post through hashtags – that’s what you are to track. 

Tracking the effectiveness under every post will help you to identify the best combination of hashtags.  

Don’t get frustrated if the first round wasn’t a success. Keep on trying, and hashtags will work for you. 

Expert hack – navigate users across your account.

Branded hashtag you created for navigation is always a good idea many people ignore. If your profiles list hundreds of posts and you sell various product categories, help the viewers with the search. I use this formula to sort the posts dedicated to SEO, SMM, and research:

#my agency name+service provided

For example – #elevate_SEO, #elevate_SMM, #elevate_marketresearch. 

If you trade physical goods, mark with hashtags products that are in stock and or currently not available. 

My clients found this hashtagging super convenient! 

Bonus: 2 more free marketing tools

I do not survive on Hashtags search alone. For daily routine, I use another Toolzu instruments

  • Analyze IG profiles

I bet you have competitors in your industry and need to takeaways some of their ideas. I scan the profiles I need because: 

  • I sometimes use hashtags from my competitors;
  • I view the most liked and commented posts to test the same ideas;
  • I see engagement and posting frequency. 

Just paste a nickname, and the visualized graphs and metrics appear free of charge. 

  • Download content from IG

I love to save useful and catchy IG content on my device – tutorials, catchy posts, Stories. Instead of screenshotting, I get high-quality images via the Downloader. You can try without registering. Just copy the link and paste here:

Download and watch everything offline! 

My final word

Using all these tools, in combination, will help you to generate a valuable content strategy, make your posts viewable and win over the like-minded audience. For the first week of using the right hashtags in the captions, I gained +125% higher reach. As a result, I gained more clients and money. Instagram is not about like anymore. Improve your post searchability with the best yet free tool ever!