We live in the age of information technology, where no business can realistically succeed without an excellent website. Creating a site that looks good, is simple to navigate, and that provides users with valuable information is a sure way to both big earnings and recognition. But before all of that comes something known as lead generation. Your website has to help you convert your visitors into leads and then convert your leads into customers. 

Every company has its own needs and goals, no matter how many competitors it has in its niche. But, no matter what a particular business requires for its success, when it gets down to launching a website, it has to provide the end-user with a great experience that helps convert visitors into leads that boost conversion rates. This, consequently, increases sales. 

If your company doesn’t work in the web design and development niche, you will need someone to help you out with your website’s creation and launch. Fortunately, you get to choose the top website designs company. Because of the broad range of companies providing web design and development services, you are able to choose one that has proven success and  experience within your particular niche. But, it’s still best for you to understand what exactly your website requires to generate the leads your company needs and what can be done to improve this particular aspect. That is what we’re about to discuss in this article. 

Clear Content Is Crucial for Lead Generation 

When people visit your site, they should get a clear idea of what your company is and what it does. Whether it’s your home page or any other page of your site, it is best not to use any industry jargon. Your content should not have phrases and words that make it more complicated for your potential customers to understand what you want to tell them. 

This aspect of your website can be tested to reveal any issues. If a person that has never heard of your company visits your site and can’t understand what your business is about right away, you should reconsider your messaging and copywriting approach. That is why reliable web design agencies conduct usability testing well before launching a project. 

It’s important to focus on user personas at the content creation stage. Work closely with your agency to make sure the content they write will address the pain points of your audience, provide valuable information, and display how your company can provide them with the best solutions possible. 

Encourage Users to Take Action 

In a nutshell, if you want your website to be an effective sales and marketing tool, you have to make sure it can generate leads. Several things are crucially important to achieve this goal. 

Lead Generation Forms 

These forms are a vital part of your endeavors to generate leads. You won’t be capable of getting contact details from your website visitors without them. When people want to provide you their contact information, and they have no way of doing it, you are going to lose quite a lot of leads. In other words, you’re going to lose a lot of customer material just because relevant forms were lacking on your site. 

Even though lead generation forms are mostly placed on landing pages, it won’t harm to include them on other pages of your website. It could be a contact page, product page, or home page – wherever you see fit. Just make sure that when a visitor becomes interested in your services or products, they can send their contact details to you and be certain that you’re going to get back to them with more details. 


Usually, when a person visits your site, they want to take some action. At times, they are determined to make a purchase or subscribe to your newsletters. However, there are times when people come to your site to check it out and see what you may offer to the. That is when they don’t exactly know what they’re going to do next, so they need your guidance. 

This is exactly where you help them with calls-to-action (CTAs). You need to lead users to the next step in their journey. Talk to your web design agency about creating various CTAs that users are going to see at different stages of their journey. 

The particular action called on by your CTAs will depend on where a user is in their particular journey and what you need them to do at that point. Some calls-to-action will guide your visitors to a demo version of your product or service, while others will take them directly to the sales offer and checkout. 

Gated Offers 

Gated content is something you provide access to only upon signing up with your site. While all of your premium content, such as case studies, is going to be gated, you may want to consider making some of your offers gated, too. Landing pages are widely considered one of the most effective lead generation tools – this makes them perfect for using them with your gated offers. The more landing pages your company has, the more chances there are to convert your visitors on your website into quality leads. 

Pop-Up Forms 

While pop-up forms are widely considered annoying and even intrusive, the thing about them is when they are executed the right way, they are welcomed by web users. 

Email pop-up forms should offer your audience something relevant and valuable. This way, they will want to keep them in their user experience and not dismiss them. It’s important to make sure that the pop-ups appear at the right moment and encourage users to take a particular action. For example, let’s say a visitor decides he has nothing more to do on your site and is about to leave it, and just before he does – a pop-up form appears! This is an intelligent and useful use of the pop up form. 

The Bottom Line 

Creating an effective website that would be more than just a collection of pretty designs and graphics may be a difficult thing to do today. That is why you require the assistance of a professional and proven web design agency. You may be wondering: why not a freelance designer? Well, simply because a freelancer is just one person, whereas an agency is a team of professionals that bring experience and skill to the table. If you find the right web design agency, you will be able to get all the needed web design and development services in one place. It will help you save on your costs, and at the same time, you will have a chance at establishing long-lasting relationships with the design company, so when you need to update your site, you will already know who can do it for you.

As for the lead generation aspect – it’s crucial for your website’s success. Moreover, there’s little sense in launching a site if it doesn’t bring new customers to your company. Even though you’re not going to develop your website on your own and will always have a design agency at your side, it’s still best that you follow the process. You want to understand what’s happening at each stage, spot the issues, and try to figure out how to solve them alongside the agency’s team. This way, when your website finally launches, you will know for sure that it is doing just what you need it to do for your company.