You must analyze your visitor data to manage your SEO budget effectively. The right tool will give you all the essential data you need to manage your investment. SEO analysis tools vary in price from free to hundreds of dollars a month. This SEO analysis tool review aims to help you decide where you should spend your marketing budget depending on your needs. Which tool represents the best value for money for YOU?


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What Does Ubersuggest Do?

  • Lets you reverse engineer competitor success by analysis of their visitor and link data
  • Conducts a site audit to find any technical SEO problems that are affecting your search ranking
  • Gives you a week-by-week action plan to improve your SEO that is personalized to your circumstances
  • Shows your competitors’ pages that rank in Google for the terms you specify
  • Suggests hundreds of keywords based on what people are typing into Google
  • Gives you lists of content pages that are being shared on social media and getting backlinks, so you can produce similar content
  • Tells you which sites are linking to your competitors’ content so you can work on getting links from those same sites

Who is Ubersuggest For?

Ubersuggest is simple to use and any website owner without a technical SEO background can use it to improve their Google ranking.

SEO PowerSuite

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What Does SEO PowerSuite Do?

  • Helps with keyword research
  • Analysis of competitors’ sites, finding keywords they rank for, backlinks, and rankings
  • Tracks your SERPs for chosen keywords over time
  • Tells you Adwords CPC, volumes, and competition
  • Offers a technical and SEO audit of your site
  • Gives social media backlink stats
  • Measures how optimized your pages are for your target keywords
  • Analyzes all your backlinks, identifying risky ones so you can ask for them to be removed

Who is SEO PowerSuite For?

SEO PowerSuite is designed for agencies that have to deliver SEO optimization reports to many clients. 

Moz Pro

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What Does MOZ Pro Do?

  • Tracks keywords searchers are using on different search engines
  • Gives information on keyword difficulty and volume
  • Tracks how your pages rank over time
  • Suggests link opportunities
  • Gives recommendations on-site issues to fix and content production
  • Includes access to same-day support from Moz and forum support from other Moz Pro users

Who is MOZ Pro For?

The “Standard” subscription is aimed at small businesses doing their own SEO. Moz Pro’s more comprehensive plans are designed for SEO consultants and agencies.


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What Does SEMrush Do?

  • Tracks keywords and SERPS for any your website or a competitor’s
  • Analyzes your paid ad competition, keyword CPC, and search frequency
  • Checks your backlinks for geolocation, site quality, and link type
  • Allows you to discover a competitor’s website traffic and marketing activities
  • Includes a writing tool that helps optimize your keyword usage in any content you produce
  • Audits your website’s SEO health

Who is SEMrush For?

SEMrush is aimed at professional SEO consultants and agencies.

Screaming Frog

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What Does Screaming Frog Do?

  • Provides a site audit
  • Checks your internal linking and site structure

Who is Screaming Frog For?

Screaming Frog’s SEO spider tool is perfect for any website owner who wants an in-depth analysis of their website.

SEO Report Card

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What Does SEO Report Card Do?

  • Gives a visual website SEO score for any keyword you enter, including how the scores of competing sites
  • Gives a brief summary of how your site ranks compared to competitors in Google and Bing for given keyword terms
  • Summarizes how your backlinks compare to those of your competition
  • Checks whether the keyword entered is in the title or body of your homepage
  • Runs checks on your site’s meta tags and its loading speed

Who is SEO Report Card For?

SEO Report Card is very much a beginner’s tool because the data it gives is rather limited

An Overview

SEO analysis tools divide into two types; free and paid. Tools that offer a free subscription level are mostly very limited: The only exception to this pattern is Ubersuggest that includes all the features a website owner needs in its freemium version.

Paid SEO analysis tools are generally targeted at SEO professionals who will get value for money and will be able to charge clients for the detailed reports these tools generate. Some lower-priced subscriptions can be value for money for small business owners who need to improve their search ranking. However, you only need one good tool and you should be wary of buying multiple subscriptions that will overlap in the reports they offer.