Google analytics is without a doubt one of the best tools available today for marketers. It is a tool that will not only increase your potential for sales, but it could actually increase your sales.  That’s right, you could actually use Google analytics to make sales rather than just set up potential leads.

While Google analytics is available to everyone, not everyone is certified in the program. You don’t have to necessarily be certified to use the program, but when you do get your certification, it shows that you are credible. It’ll verify you are a certified user of the program with official knowledge from Google. How does one go about getting certified? 

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Visiting The Google Partner Page

The very first thing you’ll want to do is visit the Google Partner page. This is the main page for the program and where everything will take. This is where you will have to set up an account. You can use your g-mail account to sign up or you can use another account. Whatever you choose to use, you will have to use a working e-mail address that you can log into because this is how you will be contacted.

Watch The Video

Once you are signed up and enrolled with the Google Partner’s Main Page, you’ll want to access the Analytical Academy. Within this section, you’ll be able to top take 4 Google lessons that will cover the analytic program from top to bottom. The four lessons will cover Google analytics platform principles, digital analytics fundamentals, ecommerce analytics, and mobile app analytics fundamentals. During each individual lesson, you’ll learn about a variety of topics, watch different videos, transcript, and participate in a multiple choice activity at the end. Each lesson will cover all the pertinents and potentials that will be on the list. It’ll take about 10 hours to complete the course, but remember that you do have Google Digital unlocked final exam answers available to you as well. 

Take Advantage Of Additional Resources

It would be hard to predict exactly what’s going to be on the Google certification test. However, the link that’s listed above provides you with a near mock up of the actual test. It’ll include potential questions from the test along with the answers. However, you do not want to solely rely on this test alone. There are tons of other resources and YouTube videos available covering potential material and information that might be on the test. Be sure to take advantage of all the resources that you can because there is nothing as being too prepared.

Preparing Your Computer And Taking The Test

Once you’re confident that you’ve sufficiently covered the study materials good enough, you’ll be ready to take the actual certification test. You’ll do this on the Google Partner Page. Before opening the test, you’ll want to make sure that you have a second browser open so that you can quickly open your resources. In the additional opened browser, you’ll be able to take advantage of cheat sheets as well as test notes.