While video meetings and virtual means of doing business are convenient, affordable, and currently necessary, many business matters still get done in person. What’s more, a willingness to travel great distances to meet with clients and handle important business says a lot about a company and its brand.

Business travel can be difficult, which is one reason you should try to make things better. You just need to know where to start, and the following will help you figure out how to make business traveling better for 2021.

1. Airfare Upgrade

One way business travel can be better is by upgrading to business class. Besides, people with these tickets get called earlier. You’ll have charging ports for your electronics, and you’ll probably be able to add more check-in luggage at no extra charge. Upgrading gives you access to the business class lounge at the airport. Some of these lounges serve delicious food items and may even have showers available. You know a nice shower can do wonders sometimes. You’ll also have a little more space to get comfortable on the plane.

2. Functional Luggage

Companies that make luggage are getting more sophisticated, and you should take advantage of that if you want your business trips to be better by 2021. Functional yet stylish travel luggage makes business travel more manageable and organized. Look for sets that feature protective casings, easy-to-access pockets, and enough room to fit several days’ worth of clothes without causing wrinkles. The rollers should run straight and smooth to make airport navigation easier, especially during rushed walks to the gate.

3. Corporate Stays

One headache you don’t need as a business traveler involves hotels. These places may be nice for a few days, but you may start longing for home essentials after some time. This is why corporate stays are better. These are fully-furnished short stay apartments. Here, you get to live normally, buy some food, and feel like you belong in the visiting city. You’ll have to find a good company that gives you access to the cities you frequent. These types of stays can ultimately save you money.

4. Join Clubs

Credit card companies, commercial airlines, hotel chains, and car rental companies offer business travel clubs you can join. Talk to these companies and ask about the perks you can earn if you join them. Airlines can provide random upgrades or free flights every so often. Card companies may offer discounts for various places. Hotel chains might grant you a few free stays or some lovely gifts upon your arrival, like a free meal. You never know what you might get, but all of these perks are worth the trouble of signing up.

5. Travel Insurance

Everyone hits an obstacle on their journey, and when you hit one, you’ll want someone to have your back. That is what good travel insurance is for, and your company may not be providing this. Each travel insurance company offers different packages, so it’s wise to talk to a few to find the one that works best for you. Insurance could cover flight problems or cancellations. It could cover medical expenses during your travels, and it could cover lost luggage and much more. You’ll be purchasing peace of mind, and you know you can’t put a price tag on that.

Now, you know how to make business travel easier on yourself, and nothing is stopping you from achieving your goal by 2021, if not sooner. Plan things down to the last detail, and your travels should be more comfortable and less stressful. Things should flow much better with these suggestions.