Black Friday is coming this month, and it’s the best time to save money in buying important digital marketing and team collaboration tools for your business. 

If you are just getting in the mood of shopping, don’t forget to grab 20-50% or even more discounts on the top tools to upgrade your team performance.

Here are the best Black Friday deals on digital marketing and team collaboration that are worth checking out:

1- Dialogue

Dialogue helps you to analyze your customers’ behaviour to optimize the buyer journey. 

Dialogue is trusted by top-class brands, including L’occitane, GA-DE, and SABON. It is powered by AI and machine learning to optimize your ecommerce store for more sales.

Top Features of Dialogue

  • With Dialogue’s Recommender, you can display gorgeous and personalized product recommendations to your customers.
  • Dialogue helps you display relevant products on both cart and product pages.
  • The “storyteller” solution of Dialogue displays the story of the products in rich and engaging formats to improve conversions.
  • Dialogue helps you in reducing the cart abandonment rate by displaying an automated emotional message using the “Persuader”.

Dialogue Regular Pricing

The pricing of Dialogue starts from $500 per month.

Dialogue Discounted Pricing For Black Friday 

On the occasion of Black Friday, Dialogue is offering a 25% discount on their pricing plans.

2- accessiBe 

accessiBe is an online web accessibility solution offering support for WCAG and ADA compliance. It is a fully automated web accessibility software trusted by over 60k businesses including BMW, Fiverr, Intex, Avon, Hilton and other industry leaders. 

Top Features of accessiBe

accessiBe helps you make your website accessible by suggesting improvements on structural elements, button functionalities, and object hierarchies. 

Here are the top features offered by accessiBe:

  • accessiBe provides accessibility adjustment options for 12 languages worldwide.
  • You can allow visitors on your website to adjust colour and display adjustment options like invert colours, high saturation, high contrast, monochrome and dark contrast.
  • The virtual keyboard option helps every visitor to use your website more efficiently.
  • You can choose from 6 different accessibility profiles, including epilepsy safe, visually impaired, cognitive disability, ADHD friendly, blind users, and keyboard navigation profiles.
  • accessiBe offers various content adjustments options like highlight titles & links, text magnifier, font sizing, text alignment, and other adjustments.

accessiBe Regular Pricing

accessiBe offers 4 pricing plans:

  • Standard: $490 per month (for 1k unique pages)
  • Large: $1,490 per month (for 10k unique pages)
  • Huge: $1,990 per month (for 100k unique pages)
  • Jumbo: $3,490 per month (for 1M unique pages)

accessiBe also offers a 7-day trial period without the need of any credit card.

accessiBe Discounted Pricing For Black Friday 

On the occasion of Black Friday, accessiBe is offering a 30% discount on all of their pricing plans as discussed above.

3- Survey Anyplace

Survey Anyplace is a software which helps you create surveys, quizzes, and assessments. With the help of Survey Anyplace, you can create various assessments such as team, maturity, and culture assessments. 

Top Features of Survey Anyplace

  • With Survey Anyplace, you can create engaging surveys to optimize the customer experience.
  • The tool lets you add images on your questionnaires and surveys.
  • The “Import” feature lets users create quizzes by uploading or importing questions.
  • To make your quizzes more engaging, you can add question hints in them.

Survey Anyplace Regular Pricing

Survey Anyplace offers two pricing plans:

  • Essential: $33 per month (up to 400 monthly responses)
  • Professional: $50 per month (up to 2000 monthly responses)

Survey Anyplace Discounted Pricing For Black Friday

SurveyAnyplace is offering a 25% discount on their pricing plans.

4- Slack

Slack is a team collaboration software with over 8 million users worldwide. It was started in 2013 with the aim to provide businesses with a platform where they can manage the whole team in one place. 

Slack is a powerful platform used by big brands like Kiva, Carvana, Fox, and Intuit. It provides you with a better way to communicate with the team members where you can also share documents with ease.

Top Features of Slack

  • With Slack, you can create multiple channels to share with other companies or clients. This helps to keep all the conversation in sync.
  • The voice and video call function of Slack helps you create meetings and conferences with your team.
  • With over 2,000 third party integrations, Slack makes team collaboration and management a breeze
  • The advanced security protection of Slack ensures that your personal messages are secure.

Slack Regular Pricing

Slack offers a free plan with features like 1:1 video and voice calls, up to 10 integrations and up to10k messages. However, you can choose a premium plan as below:

  • Standard: $2.67 per month (with 10GB storage per team member)
  • Plus: $5 per month (with 20GB storage per team member)

Slack Discounted Pricing For Black Friday

Slack is offering a 40% discount on their pricing plans, although the actual deal can be unlocked after you visit their pricing page.

5- Calendar

Calendar is an online meeting scheduling software which lets you create a shareable calendar. With the help of this tool, you can schedule your personal and work meetings all in one place. The best part of this tool is that it doesn’t share any of your personal information with your team members.

Top Features

  • The “Calendar Analytics” feature lets you see the meeting distributions with timing.
  • With the help of Calendar’s automation, you get smart suggestions regarding your office meetings.
  • It supports multiple time zones which let you plan your event efficiently.
  • By using Calendar, you can also use 3rd party integrations like Salesforce, Zapier, and other apps.

Calendar Regular Pricing

Calendar offers premium plans for both individuals and teams as follows:

  • Pro: $8 per month
  • Pro Teams: $6 (with a minimum of 2 users)

Calendar Discounted Pricing For Black Friday

Calendar is offering a 50% discount on its pricing plans.


We have discussed all the best Black Friday deals on various digital marketing and team collaboration tools. I recommend you to use these amazing offers to save money. You can purchase the tool on a yearly subscription to get extra benefits.