If you are running your own business, you have likely dabbled in some form of digital marketing. In this ever-growing digital age, digital marketing is more important than ever. To grow your business and reach a broad customer base, you should use the best digital marketing tools available. 

Jeremy Biberdorf, the owner of Modest Money, an investment advice company, calls digital marketing tools “the best way to market your business and one of the only nearly sure-fire ways of a great return on investment.” 

This article will cover the top 5 tools for digital marketing, including the benefits of each, so read on to learn about them and why you should implement them today! 


Ahrefs is a fantastic web-based toolkit that includes various tools to help you analyze your website’s performance, benchmark your competitors, track ranking statistics, and audit your own website. Here is a list of Ahref’s tools and what they do:

Site Explorer

Allows you to determine your websites and your competitors’ website’s backlink profiles. The point of doing this is to find the best keywords with the highest rankings. You can then create content around those top keywords to boost your organic search rankings. 

Content Explorer

Helps you find content that is shared most often on various social media by link sharing. 

Rank Tracker

Provides traffic volume estimation for relevant keywords.

Site Audit

Monitors your site’s SEO health and issues, also shows this information over time. 

It is clear that an account with Ahrefs will provide you with great methods and strategies for optimizing your search rankings and boosting the SEO health of your website. 

Canva Business

Canva is a digital content creation tool that allows you to create amazing graphics for digital marketing. You can make all types of digital marketing content easily with thousands of pre-made templates on Canva, including: 

Social Media Ads

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, and many more social media content types. 

Digital Flyers

With the thousands of editable templates, all you have to do is drag, drop, and edit to make stunning digital flyer advertisements for your business.

Email Headers

Create eye-catching email headers that engage your clients and keep them reading your email with Canva’s easy-to-use templates. 

Blog Banners

Make your blog stand out and catch your reader’s eyes at first glance with the top blog banner templates on Canva. 

Banner Ads

Design specialized banner ads and improve your digital advertising game to world-class levels. 

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is an advertising program that allows you to pay to advertise on the world’s largest search engine – Google. With the pay-per-click performance, you will be sure to get a good return on your investment and quickly. Google Adwords also lets you look at related keywords and rankings to find even more ways to optimize your website’s overall SEO rankings. 


Slack is an intuitive messaging system that keeps your team connected, working together, and producing digital content more efficiently. With Slack, you can easily share files and make specific “channels” for team communications on whatever topics you desire. 

Slack is not only the leading communication platform for internal business communication but could be used for collaborating with customers and suppliers too. 

Hubspot Email Marketing

Hubspot email marketing is a great way to create customized digital marketing emails from premade templates. Not only are Hubspot’s emails completely customizable, but they are also personalized. Personalization means that each person you are emailing will have their name added to the email.

Hubspot’s platform is easy to start/use and does not require you to work with IT specialists and graphic designers to get things done. The platform is super intuitive and does not take much time to learn at all. 

Hubspot’s email marketing tool kit will help your business get more emails opened and significantly increase the number of click-throughs to your website. If you want to drive more people to your website with email campaigns, Hubspot email marketing should be at the top of your list to do just that. 


It takes a lot of hard work to run a successful business. If you are struggling with digital marketing or want to engage more people in general, you should use these top 5 digital marketing tools to boost your business. 

Ahrefs will provide you with a good strategy that will lay the groundwork for optimizing more traffic to your website, and you will also be able to improve your SEO with Google Adwords. With Canva Business, your team will be making eye-catching ads to help sell your products or services while staying connected and engaged with one another on Slack. Lastly, Hubspot email marketing will take your customer outreach to the next level.